Combination Do

I am painfully aware of how very far behind I am on answering questions and I apologize. Today's hair do is just that answering a question that I got back on the Fourth of July hair do we did on Beans (remember this one?).

I was asked how to secure that ribbon in for that braid. If I am doing the whole braid down the back of the head I use bobby pins, but in that small confined area on the top of the head for a smaller braid with a smaller ribbon I just use an elastic around a very small piece of hair and tuck the tail out of sight like in this photo.
I hope that helps. Now to switch things up for the sake of posting something new I have a pretty combo-do for today. I needed to shoot that picture showing how to start the ribbon braid so I took the ribbon braid that I did across the crown of the head on the Fourth of July and then finished it off with my pretty hair bow. I know some of you want a video on that bow, but I hate the thought of shooting one with my crappy camera, so I am putting it off a little longer-- Sorry. For those of you who can make bow magic... here's a hair do you can do today.
Happy hairstyling.

Pony Tail w/ Flair

This last week has been a difficult one for me. And I haven't posted or thought of posting or shot anything new... its just been a little crazy around here. I had a family member die and with helping as much as I could with things that needed to be done with the family and dealing with my own emotional struggle. Through it all I have neglected Girly Do's. I still feel like I am neglecting you a tad bit as this isn't an amazingly unique idea... neither was my last one. But I wanted to share anyways. Sometimes this is just the kind of hair do you need or certain days.
For this one I section out the would be bang area or the fringe area and toss that aside. Right behind it I part out a triangle area off centered and to one side. I am going to braid that with the five strand braid (nothing added to the braid)
And I am going to braid it VERY LOOSE. I want this to kind of look like it has been woven rather than braided.
Then with the hair left down I am pulling everything back into a pony tail except that braided area. That we will add in to the pony in a second.
I then take a chunk out of the pony and I am going to fold that over the top. to give this a little boost on top. Secure it folded over with a rubber band.
Then incorporate your braid into the style by wrapping it around the pony tail and securing with a rubber band. Flair up that hair from the pony that you wrapped around in the previous step so you have a rooster tail on top.
This is what you should have in the end. Just a little more style added to this fun little pony tail.

Respect for the Low Pony

This week is trying to get away from me! Have you ever had one of those weeks where they just fly by and you have so much on your "fun"genda that it is a real challenge fitting it all in. That has been this week for me. So much going on.
With "so much going on" comes very busy even rushed out the door hair days. So we have had to really Keep 'em Simple. This one is just that nice and simple, but cute. You are first going to do some of your simple knots around the front. This is especially nice if you are trying to grow out bangs. We did three rows on the left and two on the right. Love having the balance difference. Always have and always will.
You can't really tell from the picture, but we added sparkles with a hair mascara color just for a little extra fun. In real life you can tell. In the photo, not so much. And at this point with just the knots you can call it done if you want too. We didn't.
The last step is pulling it into a low pony tail. Then find something like a Trash Tie to tie down for a long hold. I love that look. If you are going to do a low pony tail I say have a long wrap in it to finish it off. Ribbon works great too.
Don't you just love that more than just a plain pony tail? Back to the rat race week I have been having--- hope you are having as much fun as we are. Keep cute 'n' it up this summer!

Test Braid #6---- Ribbon Braid

This one is probably the last one I am going to post. There are seriously so many braids we could try and so many we haven't tried, but this was a good weeks worth of braids to try out and this makes it ending on a high note. I like this second day braid look. I think it is undeniable that there is a difference in the looks that are left behind by each braid. Still curious about your descriptive words for this last one.
To me this one is very soft waves. And they are more defined and have a beautiful "S" shape to their movement. I think that is what I like about this braid and the two and four strand braid. I like I like the "S" shaped pattern they produce. What do you think?

Test Braid #5---- Fish Bone Braid

I like this one too, but I think the only place that really waved or took on shape was where I braided the remaining hair and not where I had to add hair into the braid, still I like this one. What do you think? And I am still looking for descriptive words to describe the waves.
What a little cutie--- Have I mentioned I love this girl?

Test Braid #4--- Two Strand Braid

This one is my FAV♥O♥RITE so far. Soft lovely curls that aren't kinky at all, just a pretty wave. Which one is your favorite so far? How would you describe the curls of this second day braid?
This one also goes to the ends well. I did give them an extra curl under with the curling iron before I took the braids out. I have done that on all the braids with this little experiment.

Test Braid #3--- Five Strand Braid

The Five Strand Braid leaves curls the tightest in my opinion. So much so that I couldn't really blend the bottoms to well into the second day curls. It was said (by a commenter) that the standard braid looks like left over braids and not so much on purpose. I think the same could be said about the day after five strand braids. Not one of my favorite second day hair do. Also it was very hard to get rid of the parting line down the back with this one. What do you think?
How would you describe these waves?

Test Braid #2--- Four Strand Rope Braid

You are going to have to tell me if you can tell a difference, but for me the rope braid leaves a less kinked second day wave. The whole look and feel to this one is just a more smooth looking wave. What do you think? Do you see a difference from yesterdays braid example? How do you describe the waves made up by this braid?
BTW--- this is just this braid with hair added too it. I will eventually shoot a video, but I am holding out for a better camera--- LOL. Sorry.

The Great Braid Debate--- Test Braid #1

The other day I had a conversation with my friend about the different waves that different braids make. She is convinced there is no difference--- I think there is. So Beans and I are on a mission to prove there are different waves created by different braids. Using day after braids waves can really be fun, so hopefully this will give you an idea of the different waves that different braids create.
Test braid number one is just your typical standard french braid. We curled the ends under before taking the braid completely out just so it would curl under.
NOW--- What you can do to help me with this debate is give me your descriptive words. How do you describe the texture of the curls created by regular french braids?

Facebook Friday

Over on Facebook there have been some great (and some funny-like Jen from All Things Ribbon posted above) hair do's being shared and showed off. Come show off your best work--- I can't wait too see what you have been working on. And watch next week for a whole week worth of day after braid debate--- Which braid leaves the best second day wave? We are looking at all of them starting next week. See you then.

(Another) What to do with Long Bangs

Leaving the bangs down you are going to pull this into three pony tail sections. Two in front (smaller sections and one in the back that is a bigger section.
Now you braid up those front pony tails and join them to the back pony tail. We like the four strand braid because of how it pops out a little more than others.
Any braid is just fine.
Now for those bangs. Holding them up high we are going to back comb them a bit to give them a little lift.
You can do this with a comb or a brush. Mine is specifically for back combing and I LOVE it. I use it all the time. Its one of my favorite things lately.
Backcomb it until is has lift.
Then smooth over the top and secure with bobby pins.
This is what you get--- bangs out of face [check]----cute fun hair do [check]--- Quick hair do [check]
This really is a winner.
We like it anyways.

No Star For Beans

I was all ready to do our Star Hairstyle for Beans today, but she felt the need for something new. So while this isn't very festive, we still love how it turned out. All we did was the ribbon braid on top crossing over the entire head then we brought it back into a simple pony tail and added a festive bow. Here's the real shocker--- I made that bow. Go me! Now we are off to find some glow sticks and snacks--- its fireworks tonight. Happy Fourth of July.

To all the followers who are or have have family serving our country an extra big thank you!
Happy Independence Day

Facebook Friday

What are we talking about on Facebook today? The topic is hair products. I have a handful of new products I am totally loving--- I may need to have a giveaway soon and share some of them with you. They are wonderful! But I want to know what products are your favorites. So to share your favorites head over to Facebook and let everyone know what the best products out there are. I may even have to test a few too add to my line of favorites.



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