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First of all--- I finally made a Facebook Page. There is an explanation behind why I started a Facebook page, but not for today. LOL--- sorry. I have lost my voice (TOTALLY LOST) and I have no "umph" to get into the details right now. So if you are wanting to join us on Facebook you can now "like" my FB Page.

Today's hair do is making use of that Four Strand Braid video from Monday. It is very simple, but it makes a good use of these braids with out knowing how to add hair to them. Or at least that is what I was going for.
Start with a part right down the middle and section out a little from the top part. Leave those pesky bangs out of the way for now. We are starting to just brush and spray them neatly to the side like she wanted originally anyways. It drives me a little nuts!
Now on both sides on top you are going to braid that four strand braid. Any braid will work. What I like about this one is how it is very dimensional. It just kind of pops out at you.
Take those braids and combine them into pig tails in the middle section of the hair. Keep them at the lower end of the pony tail- not in the middle.
The next thing you do is the same braid you did to start with in the hair left out on the pig tail sections. I did mine a little loose, but it works. You now want to pull all the hair that was down and the two pig tails into one big fat pony tail. The BEST PART--- not once did I ask you to add hair into the hair to get this look. Not too shabby!
Just thought you might like to see how the bangs are growing.

Four Strand Chain (like) Braid

I hate to call this a teaser post--- its not really. I am just posting this braid video a day before I plan on using it in a very simple hair style. I just want to give you a solid day to practice before we post a tutorial hair do using this braid. And really the finished hair do could use any braid, but we decided to throw a new one out there for you to play with.
I love this one because it has a popping out effect and a whole different look and feel to it. Watch for me to use it in an actual hair do in the next day or two. In the mean time PRACTICE this braid. And go check out the sales over at All Things Ribbon. Its her annual birthday bash where everything goes deeply discounted. New things are being released daily this week, so check out her facebook page for the best deals.

Calling All Talented Good Hearted People...

Samster Mommy Tutu Drive
Hey their friends! Just wanted to send you to this site (CLICK ON PHOTO ABOVE) if you can help a fellow blogger reach (and exceed) her goal to make 100 Tutu's for a charity that gives kids with serious illness dress up clothes to bring a smile to their face. Its a sweet idea really--- Go check it out and get involved if you can. Beans and I will be making a few Tutu's to donate to the cause.

Thanks guys--- go back to your summer activities :P
See you in a few days with a new do.

Just Beachy

This looks like the messy beach hair that I am totally envious of. So pretty. And even better--- SO EASY to achieve. You are going to start by straightening the hair nice and flat. You don't want to skip that step even if you have straight hair that you are working with. Flat ironing just gives it a pin straight look that I love.
Next you twist up most of the hair leaving only a small amount out on the bottom and curl some spirals in the hair. Or if you have a crimping iron you can crimp the hair. That would be way fun. After you have some curled you divide and drop down a little more and do it again. Keep doing this until you get to the very top. That way you just have some fun curls peeking out through all the straight hair. Having the hair down doesn't mean you can't have a little style too it. This is a good way to still have style with a down do.

Five Strand Braid--- The Video

Biggest challenge ever!!!!! The day we tried shooting this we had to re shoot several times. My little man is potty training and couldn't keep his naked butt out of the shot for half the day. Then of course the cat attacked Beans for another. The husband was getting bored and the quality of my camera leaves a lot to be desired. Lets just say that this is by all means not a great video, but for the day we were shooting this was as good as it was getting! At least we tried right--- LOL. Don't give up on this one you can do it.


Got a horrible call this morning from my friend from Babes in Hairland---- Have you tried clicking on her website? Yup it is missing. Some of you may have been around when I lost my original website and had to rebuild over here... it is a horrible experience! Today she sat down to post her 300th post! And its just MIA in cyber space. To make matters worse she can't even access her email because it was through google also. So please bear with her absence and know that it wasn't intentional and hopefully she will be back up and blogging shortly. In the mean time she has some posts that she had done for specific people and feels horrible about not being able to get those to the people. If you know who Anissa H. is out there in the world please let her know that Babes will be guest posting here to make sure she has that hair do in time for her dance performance. Babes heart is broken about not being able to post this on her own blog, so please if you know who Anissa H. is let her know to be watching here for that "special" hair do.


Here Fishy Fishy

I know we have done a fish bone braid before, but here is the thing...
We are currently trying to do hair styles that hold those growing out bangs out of her eyes. So this may be a refresher course to the fish bone braid, but it is a good idea for keeping bangs out of eyes.
Starting on one side of the head you are going to section the hair and part out a rounded shape and divide the hair in half.
Cross one side over the other--- THAT IS THE ONLY TIME YOU EVER HAVE TO CROSS OVER THESE MAIN SECTIONS. Now divide out small sections from each side and cross them over to the other side section. See that little section I have pinched between my thumb and forefinger? That is the first one we are adding.
Cross over to the other side. The TIP that is going to make your fish-bone braid look good is by taking VERY SMALL sections and adding them to the far side. The smaller the piece you are adding the better your braid looks. Take you time and smooth out the hairs as you go.
Now take from the other side and add it to the opposite side. You repeat that process over and over.
Once you run out of hair to lift and add you can take the hair from the other side of the pony tail and add it to the other side crossing over the top. Use small sections for this part as well.
In the end you have a fish-bone braid.
We've taken the rest of the hair and pulled it into two ponytails that we made into one big messy bun off to the side.
And NO BANGS hanging in her face. At least for a while... We did have some slip out of this one after a while and we had to clip them back anyways... Still a cute hair do though.

Fabric Curlers--- FIXED

Another one fixed--- I could not be happier about getting this one fixed and a huge improvement has been made to the curls too. Surely you remember the fabric curlers I made. I've given a few sets away since then. These are a favorite around here, so check out the tutorial--- click here to be taken to the original post. Can you believe I originally did this tutorial back in August 2008, we've been around for a long time! Thanks for always checking us out and being a part of our hair world.

Easy Peasie

Since Beans has decided to grow her bangs out we have needed a few hair do's to keep them out of her eyes. I have school at nights and she goes to the baby sitters house, so keeping her hair out of her face and doing so in a simple way is important. This one is a no brainer easy one, but we had to share it with everyone who sometimes just needs an easy hair do-- or one that keeps the hair out of her face while it is growing out.

Start by parting out your bangs, You want some long hairs in this front braid as well so part back into the longer hair by making a rounded football shape.
Braid the hair any way you would like. French braid, two strand... which ever you choose. This is a five strand french braid. I will be making a video on the five strand braid shortly, I just need a night off from school and a helpful husband to hold the camera. So hopefully I can get it done this weekend. Five strand braids rock! I also have a handful of other braids to show off--- boy am I behind on posts and such.
Next with the back section you are going to pull it back into high pig tails.
Repeat the same braid you did in front half way down the hair and spiral the left down ends. Like I said this is an easy-peasie no-brainer hair do, but it might just be what ya needed today. Have a great Wednesday.

Positive Affirmation

I like to think that we do more than just "Do Hair" here at Girly Do's. A few weeks back we found this adorable video of this cute little girl. I have watched this video so many times. This is the attitude I want for my kids to posses. I want them to feel fabulous outside and look good, but I want it to go so much deeper than just skin deep. I think being positive about whatever you are going through is a great place to start. I think looking at things in a positive way is great. I think little Jessica and her daily affirmations are great. Enjoy this cute video.

My question for you--- What do you do to teach your kids "this positive" way of looking at life?

One BIG Bun

Start this one out with a pony tail with hair divided and left out in front.
Work your pony tail into loops on the top of the pony tail securing with bobby pins.
The end results should look like this after you get all the bobby pins and curls in place.

Now start taking chunks form the front left down section.
Secure to the opposite side hiding the bobby pins underneath the bun. You will have hair hanging down in back. We will take care of that in a minute.
Smooth out any bumps. The idea is for this to be very sleek and smooth.
This is the bobby pin picture.
Now take the other section and divide it in half. The first section you will be using is the section that would be the "bang" section of the hair. You will be securing this on the same side that you secured the first section to. So in my case I have secured my first two sections of hair on the left side of her head.
With the last section you are going to make a dramatic sweep across the top of the head, smooth it out and secure it on the opposite side.
Now to take care of those dangle down pieces from the front sections.
You secure them with a round curl just like you did for the bun in one of our very first steps.
This is what you come out with. A pretty bun with a little drama on top. Perfect hair do for teenies, tweens and teens. This hair do would work for anyone.


We have our four winners!!! Thank you everyone that entered and for everyone that supported Jen (From All Things Ribbon) and follow her Facebook page now. You guys helped get her into the 1000 + follower club! We love watching our friends get into the 1000 follower club it is so exciting! She is planning on giving away a $25 shopping spree to All Things Ribbon as soon as she has 1500 people that "like" her page. So watch for that.

So announcing the winners.... becbloggin said... i LOVE all things ribbons & bows! great site. I haven't a clue what the truffle shuffle is :)
Amy S. said... Those are adorable!
Sarah said... Those are darling! I'm always on the lookout for something new! Love them!
Lauren said... Adorable!

Congratulations. Please email Jen at jen(at)allthingsribbon.com to collect your flower.

Thanks again! New hair do tomorrow bright and early--- see ya then.



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