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Whats not to love about FREE B's?
This is very simple--- remember that flower bow from the Ribbon Braid I posted the other day? Well you have a chance to win one of your very own. Jen from ALL THINGS RIBBON would like to give away four total. (Valued at $4.95 each) The super best part, you get to choose which color you want if you are one of the winners. And there are some fabulous colors to choose from.So... HOW TO ENTER.
Everyone can leave one comment now and be entered in.

If you want odds in your favor to win you can do bonus entries. To get additional entries you can:
1. Go "like" Jen's All Things Ribbon Facebook page. Then come leave another comment on this post.
2. While you are on Jen's Facebook page you can suggest her page to your friends. (See picture below if this is confusing) For every five you suggest you get another entry.
5 friend suggestions= 1 additional comment entry to win
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And YES you need to leave all those comments to be entered, but that is a way to really stack the odds in your favor. So go nuts.

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Best of luck to you all. You have only three days to get your entries done, so don't delay. You have four chances to win (four flowers are being given away) and you get to choose the flower you want from Jen's collection. Ends Wednesday June 2, 2010 at 10:30 p.m. Leave email addresses please.

Ribbon Braid

First of all THANK YOU for the comment love. I mostly just needed more time to get all these pictures ready to explain this hair do, but you have no idea how much time goes into these tutorials. The COMMENT LOVE goes a long way in motivation. So thank you.

Start by watching this video. This really isn't a totally challenging braid, but it is easily made harder just by over thinking the process. I did the video so you can actually see this braid being made. That is sometimes easier for making it make sense. Now I will show you in picture form to slow it down a little for those who learn that way better. The video was strait back, the photo's are working from the sides. And there are 30 photo's total, so I have tried to be as clear as I can on this tutorial. Hopefully the extra work that went into this one pays off and you all "get it".
Just like in the video you are going to divide out the hair and then secure your ribbon underneath the hair.
You will next divide the hair into four sections. One of those four sections is the ribbon. The ribbon has two sections of hair on the left and one to the right when you are working on the right side of the head.
You take the farthest hair section on the left side and you move under the hair section next to it and...
over the ribbon.


you end up with two sections of hair on the right side of the ribbon.
You take the outer section of hair on the right side and go over the hair and under the ribbon.

You will part out a section of hair from the hair that is down and add it to that outer section of hair.
You now have two sections on the left side and you are going to do the same action for this LEFT side as you did before. Do you remember it? _____the hair and _____the ribbon. Do you remember?
UNDER the hair....
OVER the ribbon.
Part some hair from that down hair and add it to the outside of the right side.
Combine OVER the hair
and UNDER the ribbon.
Combine some of the down hair by parting and adding it to that outer section of hair.
and go under the hair and over the ribbon.

Continue until you are out of hair to add and then just braid without adding hair. Depending on how long the hair is this can go a long ways.

Just remember for this side of the head we were working when we were braiding in the left half we went UNDER the hair and OVER the ribbon.
from the right side we went OVER the hair and UNDER the ribbon.
The first side is done. Secure this with an elastic.
Now when we are working on the LEFT SIDE of the head we start basically the same way. Securing the ribbon and then dividing the hair into four sections. One of which is the ribbon. Two on the top or right side and one on the left or bottom side of the ribbon. THE STEPS REVERSE so we can get a mirrored copy on this side.
Now from the top or right side you will go UNDER the hair and OVER the ribbon.
Combine some hair with the outside section on the left,
Go OVER the hair,
And UNDER the ribbon.
Combine with the dawn hair to the outside section, or right side in this case.
Go UNDER the hair,
And over the ribbon. Got it? From this side it is from the right: UNDER the hair and OVER the ribbon.
From the left: OVER the hair and UNDER the ribbon.
Continue until you get to the end.
Now you have two finished ribbon braids. Cute aren't they?
To secure them together use bobby pins.
Then secure or fasten together with an elastic.
Clip any extra ribbon that you don't want to incorporate.
Add your FAVORITE hair accessory from ALL THINGS RIBBON. These are her newest flower fabric bows. I wear this one in my hair more than I let Beans wear it in her hair. This one really is my favorite hair accessory. Everyone should have the perfect flower for there own collection.
There you have it. Was that easy or hard? I want to see how yours turns out so make sure and send me pictures or link me to where you show off your creations. Can't wait to check it out.

Comments Have Been Low

I hate to beg for comments... and I won't. But will I bribe you?

IF you are interested in learning THIS hair do (above)... I want to hear that you want to learn this one. And I am talking about a lot of comment love my friends--- you may want to send over your friends to help get this one to post--- Isn't it so pretty?

Comments here please.
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I am all about the fast hair do's. So this one is in my top ten. This tutorial is just the bun. Up front I just have a braid that is keeping the bangs out of her face. We are trying to grow them out.
So pull the hair into a pony tail and braid down the back. VERY LOOSE!!! You can do all the hair or just half the hair like we did.
Next fold that very loose braid up and to the side a little. Secure it with a few bobby pins close to the base of where your bun will finish.
Curve it over itself and slide the end through the part you flipped up previously. Secure with bobby pins.
Next you will make that tail disappear.
Twist it slightly and bobby pin the hair down.
Curly it up and pin it again.
Loop it around one more time and pin it down again.
Now pinch some out of the braid part and pin it down at the base of the bun.
Pin it down in a few spots. and you will have a beautiful poofie bun.
And you made it happen quickly. Way to go!

Taking Out Elastics

Taking the elastics out is a real challenge in doing hair. In big part because it is a deal maker or breaker. One reason little ones hate having their hair done is the process of taking the hair out is sometimes so traumatizing. This is how we do it to make it painless. Yes we don't reuse elastics ever because we just destroy them to get them out, but it is worth it to make it easier on my little lady. Enjoy!!! (Sorry its not the best quality.)

PS>>My husband likes to hear his own voice---:D

A So Cute....

New hair prettiest are hard to find. So you can bet when I find one that makes the words, "WOW- How pretty." leave my mouth... well I have to share that find with you all. Go look at this hair pretty by Get Your Craft On. What a fun head band don't ya think? If you are in VA maybe you can pick one up on Main St. in Warrenton at a craft festival 9 am to 4 pm. They might have the head bands their-- its worth checking out if you are in the area.

Adopt A Do

Hey there Utahan's... are you watching Mindy on Good Things Utah?
She's on at 10 o'clock if you forgot--- How exciting.


Got Time--- FIXED

I am working on getting a few posts fixed. There pictures disappeared some time ago, so I needed to redo them. This one was the first one that was pointed out to me as missing pictures. I then found about ten others that photo's are missing. I will try getting them all fixed. I have other posts linking to that original post, so rather than do an all new post I am going to link you there.... JUST CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEW TUTORIAL.

Yesterdays do {Part Two}

If you go to yesterdays hair do you can see what it looked like before this, the idea here is sleep in it and in the morning remove those bobby-pins and let it fall into beautiful curls. You can't go wrong with that!

Loopy Do

This one is fabulous----I was stopped so many times with this bun that Beans made the request to NOT do this hair do when we are in a hurry. I've passed that advice on to you now do this hair do on a day you have time to stop and be admired.
Before you pull the hair back into a pony tail muck the hair up with some styling jell. The down side to this hair do is that you will be using a lot of hair spray. I am not a fan of products in Beans hair and I avoid them usually, but this one needs the extra hold.
You now make the individual curls by separating out a piece of hair from the pony tail. Start on the top of the head.
S-L-I-G-H-T-L-Y twist the hair, don't go too tight. You want this to move with a natural flow. So keep it very simple. You will add your first bobby-pin. I have the arrow showing where my bobby pin is.
Now curve it around making the outside of your curl. add another bobby-pin. Again I added an arrow for direction.
You now curl the rest of the hair and secure it inside that outer area that you did in the last two steps. Use hair spray to make sure there are no fly aways.
You then move on to your next curl. Repeat with the same steps as above.
Make sure you are thinking ahead as far as placement. This one may take a little practice, but keep at it. Its totally worth it. Make sure to keep all your curls about the same size.
Once you are done with all the loops you are left with this flower looking loopy do.
Hope you love it. Watch for the next day do on this one tomorrow--- yes it has a next day addition.



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