Taking a Page From The Book of...

I have a great respect for someone who can take an idea and simplify it and make it easier. So I was thrilled when I saw Andrea at Do's To Choose gave a great simplified version of my X Marks the Spot hair do. I gave her idea a try and did this hair do today--- not the got time hair do you've come to know me for, but this was very cool. We loved it :p. Hope you love it too. Thanks for the simplified version Andrea.

Another Pretty One

I was rummaging through some old stuff on the family blog and I stumbled on this hair do I showed over there, but never over here. I feel bad that I don't have a tutorial, but its a lot like this Princess or Prom hair style I posted a while back. I love this hair do-- Very pretty.

Too Pretty to Not Share

I was playing with this hair idea from Babes in Hairland and it was just too pretty to not post. I didn't shoot any step-by-step instructions, so I hope you can figure it out with Babes In Hairland video to this cool rubber band thing. I did mine looser and knotted at the front to give it a different look. I also did one more rubber band trick below the flower. I thought it was rather cool.

First one of 2010

I was checking out email today--- its been more than a month since I checked it-- sorry. But there were two new hair blogs that I linked on my side bar if you want to check those out and an email from Chrissy. I can't tell you how it made my day that we have another donation to Locks of Love to celebrate. Chrissy is our first one to donate from this list in 2010. Thank you Chrissy, you put a smile on my face. And I must tell you that short hair is so cute on you. See her story here.



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