The Hour Glass

We did this pretty hair do the other day and Beans had some stops to "check it out". So she asked me to take a picture of it since seeing the back of her head is difficult. One look and she said this one was a Girly Do Do. And I don't think she meant that in a bad way. (ROFL)

So we redid it on Sunday and I shot a tutorial on it. I did it a little different then I did the first day we did this hair do. I liked it a little better the first time around, but changing it back is pretty easy, only one step is left out and I am sure you can guess which one, but I will tell you anyways.
Start with a high pony tail knot it through so the pony tail is facing down. This means you will enter it on top to slip the hair through. You will then split that in half and twist both halves, braid both halves or just divide it into to sections of hair. I just did two sections of hair with my original time doing this hair do.
Next make another pony tail. We will have three total, so don't use all the hair that was left down.
This time knot it from the bottom so the pony tail comes out the top.
See how it lifts and then falls? I love that look to a pony tail.
Now you will section that up and take the first two pony tails on each side of that pony tail.
Like so...
And combine those with the rest of the hair left down.
And secure that with a rubber band. You will now take the rubber bands out of those two braids if you braided them and let the hair fall in place with the rest of the hair in the pony tail.
And knot that one so that it comes out the top as well.
Take the hair from the middle pony tail section and lay it on top of that bottom pony tail.
I threw in a big hair pretty and I wish I hadn't, it looks better without it, but I just adore that hair thing. I wore it all the time when I was in High School. I think it hides this cute hair do though, so next time we will leave that hair pretty in the drawer and go with just the pretty hair do. Enjoy.

Beans is...

SO NOT DONE!!! Please understand that I am not going to be a regular blogger. I have way to much going on right now with school and kids. So this post looks like I am back, but I am so not back. Beans plead with me the other day to keep doing Girly Do's. "MOM... I AM GIRLY DO'S," she tells me. So I think in a way she feels like a part of her is dying with the blog going away. So I said we'd go ahead and do one more.

So I did a hair do with a fun (FABULOUS) bow sent over from my friend Misty. I can't say this will be my last hair do--- but I can promise that if I do more it will be few and far between. But today I have a very HIGH FLASHY BOOFY PONY TAIL!!! Its super cute. The bow was from my friend Misty and she loves me. Because she makes sports bows and she hooked me up with my numero uno favorite bow--- A RED SOX BOW!!! April is right around the corner so get your favorite sport team bows now and be ready to cheer on your favorite teams. (click the picture to see more sports bows)
You are going to part out all that top hair and clip it out of the way. We will start with a climbing pony in the back.
I really (REALLY) want to show this bow off. Nothing subtle about it. One of the teachers at the school is a huge Yankee fan and we have a good friendship. He is my favorite rival to antagonize. So I didn't want him to miss this bow. It needed to be seen. So climb that pony up nice and high.
Now with the front part we are going to take chunks and secure it back strategically to make that pony tail BIG and FULL.
Start with a chunk on both sides and secure with bobby pins anchor using an "X" over the hair needing to be secured.
Now you will take another chunk from the front and take it to the opposite side of your pony tail and you are going to anchor it again.
You will continue until all the hair that was in front is nice, tight and pulled back.
Look how high that sits. LOVE IT!!! Her thin hair actually looks full. And yes I know there were some bobby pins on top that were not hidden. I may have hid them if I didn't shoot this for a tutorial. I would have pushed them more into the pony tail to hide them. I am not too worried about it though because I am using a big bow to hide those bobby pins.
Doesn't that just put a smile on your face. It does mine. Thank you for the bow Misty.
Don't forget to thank Beans for wanting to do another hair do too-- that is the ONLY reason we did this tutorial. All gratitude should be aimed squarely in her corner.



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