Thats it

That catches me up with all that I had. A new semester starts in a few days. This has been posted for a few weeks and I have been taking care of the family. Thank you guys for all the memories and all the kind things you had to say. Please stop by anytime and leave me some comment love. I look forward to still hearing from you.

Thank you for the memories!

Love Knot--- ♥

Start with your braids or twists that meet up in the back. You know the problem with this... by mid day you have a mess of that hair that is not secured anywhere on top. Well--- scroll down to see our solution.
Flip that braid part out of the way.
Divide that in half.
Tie your first knot.
Flip the hair back over and tuck it between your two ends of your knot.
Tie it above the braid. So that is once below and once above.
Combine it with the braid that is now below that second knot because you dropped it between the knots. And secure a CLEAR rubber band to all of the hair. The knots and the braids. And pull it tight so it hides itself underneath the pony tail.
See----> You can't see my rubber band.
All you see is a neat love knot. And guess what--- you secured that hair that usually gets away with a do like this.



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