Winning Bids Are....

I can never thank you guys enough for all the help you have offered up too Ash and her family. I know that every little bit helps, so thank you to everyone who bid on the items and those who donated different items. Thank you to those who donated this last week through PayPal. (Button for donations is on my side bar.) On behalf of Ash, her family and myself, THANK YOU!!!!

Going once... going twice.... SOLD!!!! And the winners are.

Item #1 the Crochet Beanie---- Dawn ($25)

Item #2 Camouflage Mountain Dew Bow Set---- Shilo ($10.50)

Item #3 Beaded Silver Hoop Dangle Earrings----No winner

Item #4 Lola Necklace---- Nick, Ashley, Reagan & Ike ($6.00)

Item #5 Chandelier Earrings----No winner

Item #6 Holiday Hair bow collection---- Sarah ($25.00)

Item #7 Earrings and Matching Necklace----No winner

Item #8 Star Ornaments (Set of 12)---- Dawn ($20.00)

Item #9 Tee or Bodysuit with orange plaid tie---- Jenn ($12.00)

Item #10 Santa Bow---- Eight Little Monkeys ($5.50)

Item #11 ABC’s 123’s Rosette Headband----Angie Oliver ($7.00)

Item #12 Two Christmas Clips----Carmen ($6.00)

Item #13 Denim Flower Clip---- Mendeezmail ($8.25)

Item #14 Girls leg/arm warmers---- Shilo ($13.50)

Item #15 Boys leg/arm warmers---- Cristeen ($5.00)

Item #16 Ribbon Blossom Hair Clip (Set of 3)---- Lanae Hale ($25.00)

Item #17 Hand painted shoes----Shaelynn ($45.00)

Item #18 Snow “Believe” jar----Gill Family ($10.00)

Item #19 Snow “joy” jar---- No winner

Item #20 Lime Green Mountain Dew Bow---- Sarah ($15.00)

Item #21 Dress up jewelry---- Lindsay ($9.00)

Item #22 Chic Polar Bear Beanie---- Picture this Photography by Dawn ($28.00)

Item #23 Rosette headband---- Shannon ($12.00)

Item #24 Hairstyle book---- Lanae Hale ($35.00)

Item #25 12 rectangle chalk it up labels---- Melissa ($6.50)

Item #26 Custom scrapbook pages---- No winner

Item #27 Handmade Peony Headband---- The Fullmer Times & Seasons ($14.00)

Item #28 Baby Discovers Hands---- No winner

Item #29 Cow Over Moon---- Sarah ($20.00)

Item #30 Sea Creatures Dinner---- Cinenerd's Reel Voice ($9.00)

Payments can be made too my PayPal account to the email girlydos(at) Please make sure and include your item number (or numbers for those that won multiple items) and the address where items can be shipped. If you included your email address I will do my best to send out invoices, but this is new too me too, so thank you (in advance) for your patience. If all goes well (with payments and having no conflicts) we will have raised $372.25 from the auctioned items. Had donations through the side bar donation button of $140, totaling... $512.25 THAT IS GREAT!!!! Thank you a million times over.

Thanks again too everyone who donated items; Shaelynn, Nohea Creations, Shawn, Sherie, Rock n' Rags, Jill, Sand to Pearls, All Things Ribbon, Adopt a' Do, Babes in Hairland, Chic Bebe, The Story of a Princess and her Hair, Impressions in Vinyl, Remembered Moments, Ruffles and Fringe, & Kat. You were all so eager to help out. Thank you for your generous hearts.

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  1. I don't know how I missed this post -- fabulous that you were able to raise so much. Awesome!


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