Short Hair Braids & Piggies

As you know... We cut Beans hair and she is now part of the short hair group of beautiful girls in the world. I am hoping to get SEVERAL good hairstyles compiled to show you different things that can be done with short hair. Some of these may have already been on different hair blogs and they may be "no brainers" to some people, but for those who are looking for something to do with their shorter hair.... we have a few idea's.
For this hair do start with a very diagonal part. I tried to get the tip of the nose in this shot so you can get an idea of how exaggerated I want your part to be.
We are still growing out bangs also, so we love this hair do for keeping those pest bangs out of the way. From here you want to do two braids parallel to the part on the left hand side.
You will then do three braids perpendicular to the part on the right hand side. We did a two strand braid, just for variety.
Then because we are working with such short hair we pull it into pig tails since a pony tail is not an option. We loved this hair do. It held up great all day and was darling. So this is a great option for dressing up pig tails for shorter hair.


  1. I love it!! It is so cute. I am going to have to try this one!! Is it easier to do with dry or wet hair??

  2. Wet was easier, but be careful with wet hair it stretches and breaks easily. You can do the most damage when working with wet hair.

  3. so cute!! i'm glad that you will now have "short hair" posts...because my girls' hair seems like it will. not. grow!

  4. Very cute. I love these ones. So pretty. I think she just looks so sweet with her hair short.

  5. Oh I'm excited for short hair hair-dos!!! My kids all have short hair.

  6. Very cute! I'm starting to get the vibe back! :)

  7. I did NOT know about wet hair breaking easier than dry ... thank you SO much for the tip - am enjoying doing my daughters very long hair (she is 4) but have only been doing it for about a year and I think I've damaged it a bit by not having much knowledge of the proper treatment of hair (mine has ALWAYS been short). Great site and I love the "do's"!


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