Love this hair do

This one was NOT done by me, but it is very pretty and I wanted to share. I wish I knew who did it so I could give them credit, but I don't. I just think a lot of people could really pull this off. We may try it one of these days... If you try it post it on FB so I can see what you create. Have a great week. I am currently in Hair Doing Limbo... just a little creative rut. If ya know what I mean--- that loosely translates too: I have things going on in my personal life that are slowing me down and getting in the way of being creative. This too shall pass though. See ya when it does.


  1. Is that coiled hair or a headband?

  2. I think I could even do this one! I'll have to try it on Grace's super long hair. If it looks cute I'll send you a pic.

  3. Ooohhh! So pretty. I am going to try this, but I don't know if my daughters straight straight fine hair will look right. We shall see


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