Happy Halloween--- (Not a hair post)

Its no mystery or no secret that I ♥ Halloween. It is easily my favorite holiday. I tell the kids that whatever they can come up with we will create. And we do pretty good at making it happen. Last year my son gave me the challenge of being Lou from Guitar Hero and got a lot of attention. He decided to really push the envelop this year with his costume of being in a cage.... while being carried by a skeleton guy. Beans went easy on me this year with being a cheerleader. Her only must have "demand" was that she gets to be an all PINK cheerleader. So she was 100% pink, just like she likes. Little man went easy on me too this year. We finally got to reuse one of our past costumes! I was thrilled when he wanted to be the puppy my oldest was when he was little man's age. So he was my little puppy!

How did we end up doing Beans hair? We used option number one for the day of her parade with a higher pony tail like you all suggested. Thank you for your help with that. Then on the actual day of Halloween we tried the heart braid thing, but it wasn't as high as I would have liked, still cute though.This was how it looked when we were doing the parade at school. I am still looking forward to the day she wants to be something scary... but cute is nice too.
This is my oldest pretending to be scared while in his cage. His costume was a HUGE hit everywhere we went. It was a very fun costume... Fun too make too. He and I spent hours in the garage pulling this together. It was a lot of fun.
My cheerleader. Who loved her pom-poms so much that she refused to take them outside even for a picture. LOL.
My poochie! He is so funny. Good luck ever getting a serious look from this kid. He's a goofball.
And the whole family. My honey and I didn't dress up. One of these years I tell ya! One of these years! I did dress up as a punk for the party at my school. That was fun. I hope you all had a great Halloween and sorry to say its only fifty something days until Christmas--- yikes!


  1. Your older boy's costume is beyond awesome!! I'd love to know how you did that! Everyone looked great - Happy Haunting!

  2. amazing, you dont do thing by half jenn , lol ;) lovely kids all very like thier mummy :p

  3. So cute! And seriously, the cage is amazing!

  4. so how did he get into that costume and carry it? Was it like climb in and wear it like a backpack? Seriously i WANT to know how you did his costume...freakin rocks!

  5. That is an awesome costume! What a fun mom you are! And Bean's hair looks great!


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