Updo With A LOT of Movement

I love this updo, Beans... didn't. And everyone is totally entitled to there own opinion. So we did this hair do and had to change it right away because Beans didn't love the extra movement we incorporated at the start. To start you do your normal side part wherever you normally part the hair. Comb the wider of the two sections (in our case the left side) forward. Comb it almost straight forward. This is to make a very sharp curve. This is just for some fun movement in the finished look. I think you almost need a certain facial shape to pull it off. Beans didn't love the finished look.
Now you are going to need to hold at the one end and start combing the hair back so that it curves in a beautiful "C" shape pattern.
Now twist that hair under.
And curve upward to cover up that parting line that was created when you made your "C" shape.
Use a bobby pin to secure that into place.
Now comb the tail of that and the right section forward facing to make a "C"shape on this side. I think what Beans disliked was how it all went in that direction. Which--- to be fair... doesn't look very good, but I really feel like it works for this hair do that we pulled together. In my opinion.
Make your "C" shape and twist it under like we did on the other side.
Do the same thing in securing the twist into the hair style.
Now you have this last piece of hair to use.
For a minute you can just flip it out of the way and do the bun part, but we did this part first. I wish I would have waited until the last part to do this and use this to blend the style better, but I didn't and it worked out okay anyways.
I twisted the hair and ran it parallel to the other twist.
And curved it around to this little curly Q shape. Securing with bobby pins as I styled it.
Next you are going to make your bun. I worked this with three twisted sections. First section I took form the right hand side and twisted it and secured it to the left side with some hanging down for now. I will use that on my next level of twists.
This is twist two. Notice the hair that is hanging down.
Twist number three and all the hair that is down for me to twist into the next part of the bun.
Take some more and twist it again and do this with three sections of hair. You repeat as many times as you need too in order too make this look like a twisted bun.
Hide and tuck under your ends and sit that curly Q shape on top of your bun to incorporate the two designs.
This is how it flows into the bun with that "C" shape up front. I loved it, but like I said... Beans didn't.
ALSO---- I was at a craft show this last weekend and found this very pretty flower. I have never seen one like this before, so I had to pick one up. I just love everything about this cute little bow/flower. I took a card and you can get one from this Etsy Shop called YourLittleQT's. She doesn't have any on there right now because everything was at the craft show, but email her and let her know you are interested.
Here's a top shot of this pretty bun.
We even tried it with the flower up front and that didn't sell her on it either, she just didn't love this hair do one little bit. But she loves her new flower.

If you try this hair do out you are going to have to tell me what you think of it. Can't wait to hear from you.


  1. i'm so glad you posted this. i was looking for cute updo's for halloween. and the bow is adorable!

  2. i LOVE THAT ;)x
    will have to do that on bindi =0 loverly x

  3. I'm almost with Bean. I can't decide if I do like it, but I know I don't dislike it. Yes, that bow/flower is very cute.

  4. Thank you so much for including my flower in your tutorial. I am so thrilled to have my work showcased along with yours. Thank you so much for your purchase of my hair flower. I feel blessed to have a talent I can share.
    Thank you so much,
    Katy Moyle
    Yourlittleqts on Etsy.com

  5. I am so thrilled to have my work showcased along with yours.


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