Securing a Single Twist

On Facebook a few days (okay weeks) ago... I asked if anyone else had a hard time securing single long knots with a (single) bobby-pin. I thought I was the only one that really had a hard time with this little trick and I was (and still am) sure this tutorial has been done before, but I am too busy too sift through all the other blogs to try and find it. If you are reading this and you have done this tutorial before please feel free to link yourself in the comment field.

And for those of you that haven't been following Girly Do's for as long as we have been around here are two ways I do this style without bobby-pins. I have these, because using the bobby pins didn't work for me forever and ever. (LOL) See the first one here and the second one at this link. The "original" that may be linked in either of those is another one that I need to re shoot one of these days.
You will want to start with lightly damp hair. Not out of the tub wet, but lightly sprayed wet hair. You will part out a long rectangular section.
You smooth it out with your comb and then once you have it smooth as you can get it you are going to start twisting it while lifting it straight up.
As it folds you lower your hand working your way through the twist to being parallel to the floor.
Once it is nice and tight hold it and get ready to secure it to the head.
This really isn't tricky. You are going to open the prongs of your bobby-pin and you are going to force the top into the twist and you are going to force the bottom prong into the base of the hair of the bottom arrow in this photo above. If you can successfully push it through the twist and keep the bottom one on base...
You will find that it holds nice, tight and securely.

Continue through the rest of the hair or as far back as you want to go and style it down or up or any way you might like. I love this style. So much so that I had my hair in these fun little twists in a fancy up do for my wedding almost ten years ago. This is a great start for a lot of cute to elegant hair dos. Maybe that is why I tried to modify it so many times before I figured it out with the bobby-pins.
Well I hope this helped. And before you scroll to the next photo just let me say that sadly we are not taking comments at this time in regard to how much my little girl is growing up. I just don't want to hear it. :)
Hope you have a great week. Its off to building Halloween costumes for me! I love this time of year!!!


  1. Not to sound whiney, but I don't get how to put the bobby pin in, could you maybe do a video? I love the look of twists but I can't secure them either.

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  3. What a cutie....she is just beautiful.:-))

  4. Really great to know how to do this as i have been a bit twist-challenged myself! Definitely will give it a try when school starts agaain next week. BTW, I got that star tutorial posted if you want to check it out:
    your friend in hairworld,

  5. She is beautiful! And thanks for showing ways to secure without elastics... I use them too often and they really can be damaging to hair.

  6. I don't get it, the bobby pin parallel to the twists or perpendicular? When I first read it, I assumed it was perpendicular. But if it's perpendicular, I don't understand why I don't see the pins where the parts are.

  7. Super cute!! Love it! Thanks for sharing all your cute hairdos!

  8. If I understand correctly, the bobby pin is actually inside the twist once you force it in, so it is hidden and won't be seen! And the bottom is under the twist in the hair on the bottom! Just how I imagine it. Gonna give it a try in the morning!

  9. I had to read it a couple of times, but I think I get it. So the top prong is in the middle of the twist and the bottom is kinda against the head...right?

  10. I have no idea how to get the bobby pin in to hold the twist. I have tried the way I think your describing it and it doesnt work... a video would be very helpful!


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