Double Heart Pony Braid-- By Angela

I love having featured artists! Okay... so this is really my fist time ever letting someone other than me post a hair do, but its a great one that just has to be shared. Angela posted a great hair do on Girly Do's Facebook page a few weeks back and was asked by others how to do this hair do. Well she agreed to put together a tutorial too share this double hearted pony tail.
This is Angela's daughter Erin last year at Halloween. Erin is very special to her mother. She just recently turned nine and has Aspergers. So, she is her mothers world! Every child is special, but to Angela she feels especially close to her little sweetheart.

They obviously have a close relationship and she likes to have her hair done. We see lots of pictures posted by Angela showing us Erin's beautiful style. Thank you Angela and Erin for taking a minute to teach us this beautiful hair do.
Step 1: Wet down hair and part down the middle.
Step 2: Mark out your first heart shape on the head.
Step 3: Use the shape of the first heart as a template for the further heart shapes, with the first part just behind the ear.
Step 4: Starting at the first section, take three strands and cris-cross them as to start a French braid. As you continue down, only take hair from the top section of the head, following the curve of your pattern. Continue all the way back. This is known as a half-braid.
Step 5: As you can see I'm only taking hair from the top of the braid, as I braid down the curve of the heart.
Step 6: Braid down as seen here.
Step 7: Continue the braid so that it is just behind the ear.
Step 8: Go to your next section and repeat the process.
Step 9: I have only done two, as it is that bit easier. If you wish three, part off the small heart at the back, and add an extra braid.
Step 10: On the left side use the hearts on the right side as a guide to mark out your sections.
Step 11: Continue to braid the left side. It should look something like this.
Step 12: Still only always taking hair from the top of the braid.
Step 13: Until you have four braids in this case, or six if you are feeling adventurous.
Step 14: At this point, you can leave the back hair down and tie off the braids placing a flower off the top.
As seen here.
This is the top view.
Or the first option, place into a ponytail and add desired accessories.
Tadaaa! Finished product - we are done.
next day hair <:)x Thank you again Angela and Erin! It really is a beautiful hair do and we are so thankful to have you share it with everyone. Please leave comments thanking Angela and Erin--- it really was nice of them to take the time to put this together for us.


  1. Beautiful do! And what a sweet girl. :)

  2. That is so cute and creative!!

  3. SO creative! Going to try this tomrrow - we have no school so I have time. My girls are going to be thrilled! :) Thank you!

  4. I have been looking at your blog for a few months now. My daughter is only 10 months old and has no hair, which is so hard for me growing up with four sisters and constantly doing hair. This one is amazing. I can't wait to try this on her. It is beautiful.

  5. this is sooo cute! ive been doin hair a long time so it's not vey often when i get really excited about a new style to try, but i think this is my new fave!

  6. Adorable! I love it! Well done :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. That's very cool!

    And now...I have something for YOU! :)

  8. Nice and elegant hairdo Angela:-))) Well done to you both:-))


  10. I really like the braids in the mixed, even without the accessory. It brings out the creativity of the hair stylist. And it looks cute too.


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