10 Optional Ponytail Hair Do's

Beans is dressing up as a cheerleader this Halloween, so we are needing to decide on how to do her hair. Option number one is of course just pulling it back into pony-tail, but I like to think we could do so much more than just a boring pony-tail. These are 10 of our other options for more than just a regular pony tail.

Option number one:This is our ribbon braid down one side of the head. I could incorporate the colors of her cheerleader uniform into this. If I wanted to do the big bouncy curls that would be very pretty too. You can find the braid tutorial at this link.

Option 2:
I don't have a link to this pony tail, but it is just a knot in the front to control those forever growing out bangs we deal with at our house and a knot in the pony tail section. We use this hair style a lot around here. It is a very classic pony tail option. Very pretty.

Option 3:
Single twists into a pony tail. Talk about flare! This one is a lot of the extra energy any pony tail needs to really bounce. I love this option. You can find the link here to this tutorial.

Option 4:
I don't have a link for this one either. It is just braids that start in the front section and finish in the pony tail. It keeps the bang section out of our way and allows the pony tail to be nice and tight. Plus it gives it a little more of a style than just pulling it back.

Option 5:
This one's tutorial can be found here. This one can really have a lot of color too it too, so if that is the look you are going for this one is great for color being added into the style.

Option 6:
This is really pretty and I could add a really flashy bow in the right colors instead of a flower for Beans Cheerleader costume. I wouldn't have to use a flower if I didn't want too. This tutorial can be found here.

Option 7:
I just love the knot in the ponytail look. It is so simple and yet adds so much to this style. This tutorial is here.

Option 8:
The HIGH top ponytail. Go here for the how too. This one has a lot of bounce too it and it really high on top of the head. And don't get me started on that great Boston bow-- Love it!

Option 9:
The hour glass (tutorial here) is a great one too. Quick and easy and fabulous! You can't go wrong with a look like this.

Option 10:
The waterfall headband pulled into a ponytail. Of course its simple looking, but is is just beautiful. Tutorial is here.

This is just ten of the hundreds of options that are out there to make a ponytail more than just a pony tail. I am still not sure which one Beans will choose for her cheerleader costume, but I am just glad to know she has more options than just a simple ponytail-- we like flare around here. Its just more fun that way.


  1. My votes are for 1, 3, and 7. Love them all, though. My girls love ponytails, so I love seeing ways I can spruce them up. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I like option 1 but do a high pony with a matching bow or corker ribbon.

  3. I'm going to agree with jonshepi. Option 1's braid with ribbon into a high top pony.

  4. Another vote for #1 with the pony up high.

  5. Any of them are darling, that is true. But cheerleaders have to have HIGH ponies. So that is my only comment - any of them that you can make HIGH! (I'm basically agreeing with everyone else! :) )

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Options 1 and 3 look the most 'cheerleader-ish' in my opinion. I also love the simple look of a pony tail with several different colors of ribbon tied in a bow around it. You could totally combine that with either option 1 or 3, also. No matter what you do, she will be one cute girl!

  7. 4 and 10 are very cheerleader-ish. 4 for sure. Add some ribbon to your pony tail and you are good to go!

  8. I think 3 and 8 are the most cheer-leaderish. Thanks for this post my dd loves pony tails and always wants them so this puts them all in one place for me:)

  9. If it were me, I would actually choose high pigtails with fat ribbons.

  10. i love number one but i would definately make the ponytail higher and obviously add a ribbon in her braid that matches her costume and if possible a bow that matches too!!!!!

  11. I think 1, 8 and 10 would be best for a cheerleader - I love them all though!!!

  12. My daughter does cheer and they (have to) wear there hair in a high ponytail but to spice it up I did the netting up to the high ponytail and added Swarovski Crystals to the connection points. It looked really cute!

    Girls Curls Hair

  13. I am a varsity cheerleader at my high school and I would totally use number 3 or 10!
    They are so stunning, but they do need to be higher. But, other than that, they would all look great. just higher.

  14. I was also a cheerleader and now have several friends on one of the local college teams. 3 is awesome... I used twists all the time and I still see them at the games frequently! 1 is great too; it would be super-cute to have coordinating ribbon and bow. But I agree with the other ladies here... higher is a must!

    Btw, love the ponies! They are getting more and more popular at our house and I've been bored with them lately... but Little Miss always wins! ;) I needed to be reminded that they can be unique and fresh! So thanks! ;)

  15. My vote is for #1. All of them look great!

  16. #1 is super cute and you can do ribbons the colors of her costume and maybe leave them long and do a sort of pom-pom in the back on the pony tail.

  17. My daughter is in a little cheerleading class and my favorite hairdo is to:

    make two 1/2 french braids in the front. Then make two upside down french braids in the back. Combine the french braids in the middle of the head and make two ponytails. Make messy buns. Add two team colored bows!


  18. Love the post! My vote is for 3 or 10. Can't wait to see pics of your little cheerleader and the winning do

  19. I loved the high ponytail the best - option 8, but that may be just because of the Boston bow! :) (Where did you get that? I live in Boston and really want one for my little girl.)

  20. I like all of them: ) I vote for number 5, my cousin is doing a similar thing for prom


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