Worm Bun Piggy's

Last week was a real stinker-oo!!! I do not love bee stings. It took me a whole week to fully recover and an eye patch to get rid of the headaches. It was nuts. Well the day that I got stung by a bee before the bad stuff set it I did this tutorial. Kind of my distraction...LOL. So this is falling out of order of the ones I have shot, but I wanted to get this one posted. Start with piggy tails.
Then take out little pieces from the pony tail to twist tightly into a worm looking bun. I did one a year or two using this technique and the pictures have been some that have disappeared. I will redo the original post one of these days. I had planned on linking too it when I did this hair do, so I apologize if it is not 100% clear.
Twist the hair so much that it starts bunching and doubling over like this.
In the past I used bobby pins to place these hairs into the bun. I used elastics this time just too see if that would work. And it did. You just have to practice placing the elastics out of sight. And they have to be these clear small elastics. I don't see the big bands working well for this one.
Keep taking out hair and twisting it tight and placing it into the bun to where it looks good.
Repeat on the other side and poof--- you have some fun worm buns.
Its a cute style--- in my opinion.
Have a great week. I know I will.


  1. Super cute! I bet you get some pretty day-after curls too.

  2. Very cute! It's a hot one here today, so I think I'll use this on my daughter when she goes to pm kinder... thanks!

  3. Love it! My youngest loves "messy buns" so this will be something different but still doing the pigtail buns!

  4. So glad you're feeling better!!! This is a cute one. Happy recovery!

  5. This is cute! She has some great hair, I love these! I wish I could talk my little gals into growing their bangs out....

  6. Wow, her hair has grown a lot! I hadn't noticed until that first picture... I thought you had a new model for a minute there. ha

    Anyway, very cute! Alex loves these, but her hair hasn't been long enough in quite some time to do them... I may have to see if they'll work now. Oh, and I'm so glad you're back! ;)

  7. Love this!!! We do a small one like this on the top of the head with small pieces of hair and my daughter calls it baton hair. Now we can do piggy tail baton hair!!! Well that is what she just said! Thanks!!!!!

  8. I love it can you do viddeo of it

  9. I did this hair do for my 5 year old daughter yesterday and it turned out fabulously! She's picky about what I can do to her hair and I showed her pictures of all your ideas and she seemed to like them. :)



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