Growing Pains...

We are still trying to grow out those bangs. And they are at the worse possible length ever. One of these days I will take a picture of how long they are. They are at a horrible length for pony tails because they don't reach into it yet. They are at a bad length for braids because they don't reach the back and if I try to do a front braid they frizz out. Bangs are one of the cutest things, but growing them out is a joke.So to control those bangs for this hair do we are going to do three knots up front in the bang of the fringe area. just as a reminder you make a loose pony tail to start.
Then you send it through itself to make it look unique and not so ordinary.
Get your three knots done to secure those bangs out of the way.
Now throw a braid together on both sides.
And secure them in the back. This looks great and could be the finished look, but we went on.
And pulled a low pony tail right below the braids.
Braided another single braid on both sides and added it into the pony tail.
Then we pulled the hair that was left down into the pony tail also.
I threw in a big flower to finish this look off. We got a more than ordinary pony tail that also keeps the bangs from being a mess.
I love it! What do you think?


  1. love it!
    We are also growing bangs out on two little princesses and they are driving me BATTY! We do knots almost every single day. Oy!

  2. Love it! Angel has a "bald spot" that's growing back out now, so these bang tips are great for that!

  3. THANK YOU! We too are growing out my oldest bangs, I get so tired of doing the SAME OLE things over and over to keep them out of her beautiful eyes. ANy new suggestions or different takes on the same ole are always appreciated

  4. soooo cute what a great idea! My princesses all have gone thru those "growing pains" as have I icky icky! you make them look pretty!

  5. I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to try it on my little one! I was thinking of doing something similar, but I like this one so much that I'm going to put off my idea for a few more days :)

  6. Same here, growing my oldest bangs.
    Love this style, sooo cute, will try this one tomorrow for school!!!

  7. very cute!!!! Might be able to manage this one in the morning :)

  8. so cute. we aren't growing out bangs, but have been sucked into the same old ponytail everyday. This will be a fun change.

  9. That is so cute! I can't wait to use this hair style on my daughters hair tomorrow!

  10. Just blogging around this evening, and found your blog. What an adorable bun holder. I always wondered how they did those buns, and always thought it would be fun to try. Of course I had two sons and no daughters, so it probably wouldn't of worked for me. But I enjoy seeing and reading the creativity of everyone blogging, it's like visiting people all over the world and finding out how creative and friendly everyone is. Thanks for letting me visit.

  11. Don't know how I missed seeing this one. I love it. I even like it down without the pony too. Darling.

  12. This is so cute! I am trying this one today, and I can't wait! Thank you!

  13. Using this one on my daughter tomorrow! Thanks for the great idea :)


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