Twist Into a Pony

Beans goes into first grade this year which means we need some very cute fast hair dos. I know everyone loves to have a few good fast ones in there book of quick reference book, so this is one of ours.
First part out some of the hair in front of the head and pull all the hair in back to a pony tail.
Part out the front like usual and take them one half at a time.
Twist it up nice and tight.
Hold it with a clip while you work on the other side.
Combine them into the pony tail with an elastic.
Now take a piece from the pony tail section to finish the look.
Cross it over the top and secure it with an elastic that you can tighten and cinch under the hair you just crossed over to hide that last elastic.
And you are done. Fast hair do that is way more than just a pony tail.
I could take this one more step to make it into a fun pretty low bun, but her hair is about two inches to short to make that look good. If it is an option for you, go for it. Have a great day today.


  1. Thanks for all your hard work! I love your site, but both my girls just chopped their hair for locks of love (my 9 year old did it for the second time!) so now I look at your site and keep them as reference for when their hair grows out again! This is a very cute easy do! Thanks again! You ROCK!

  2. Very cute and fast too! Can't beat that combo on a school morning :)

  3. I am going to be a sea-horse this year do you have a good hairstyle for a sea-horse!

  4. Thanks Jenn! My DD is starting kindergarten this year which means I'll be now trying to get 3 kids out the door in the morning, so a cute and fast style is REALLY good! (Secretly wondering if I'll be guilty of sending her out looking like a rag-a-muffin on some mornings when there is a time crunch like when nobody is cooperating to hurry and get to the bus stop!) :)

  5. I love wrapping pony tails lately too! And they are so easy. I see your red nails are gone now! LOL You don't want people thinking that you're a ... ROFL!!!

  6. I used this one, but I didn't secure the crossed-over piece as well as I should have. Looked cute though! Thanks so much! My girls love choosing hair-dos from your blog!

  7. I cannot figure out how you are securing the hair that is crossing over the pony tail, and then you said to cinch it down tight. What are you using? I can usually figure these things out, but I am not figuring that part out at all.

  8. by the way my email is (Sorry I forgot that) :(


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