Double Braid(ish) Look

**UPDATE** We made a video for Waterfall Braids, check it out at this link.** 
Yesterday we left off at this point. And I told you I was going to show you how I made this hair do (very) different. And hold up to our fine (type) hair. Anyone can use this. It doesn't have to be fine hair. I think the only thing it must be is long hair.
Starting from this point you are going to brush through the ends one last time to make sure you have all the top part smoothed through.
Now count each side for hair that is left down. Count each individual strand if one side has more you will just double up on your first weave through on that side. You want it to be balanced.
You are now going to weave in and out and secure in each strand to the finishing braid.
The weaving pattern should look like this. You can use an alligator clip to hold one side while you work on the other.
Weave the other and secure with an elastic while you continue weaving every piece until you have no more to weave.
Its going to look like this if you used rubber bands to hold all of them in place.
You now want to clip out the elastics. Every one but the bottom one. You can use my way of using a seem ripper to remove them, that is what we did.

And right now it isn't all that pretty--- kind of... BLAH. If you can't wait throw a bow in and it will relax into the style.
Here it is with a bow covering the ugliness.
But if you can wait for about five minutes you will find that gravity takes over and the top part falls beautifully into the bottom part giving it a wide braided look that you can't help but love.
You can still finish it with a bow, but it really doesn't need one.
And it did hold up to all day of running and playing, which the waterfall braid alone doesn't do for us. We call this one a winner.


  1. Very pretty! I too have tried to waterfall braid and love the look... but it always falls out. I'll have to try this one for sure! ;)

  2. Personally I like the look with the elastics still in. I would just add a bow much like yours that covers it. That may hold even better for some girls.

  3. Ok, I MUST get that waterfall braid figured out. I am in love with this style! SO PRETTY!

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm in love! I agree with Carina, I might just leave the elastics in when we finally get enough length to give it a try. So cute!

    way cute!

  6. fantastic! I love it!
    I'll have to try it sometime...

  7. Beautiful! I cant wait to try this one, it's so lovely! Your creativity and attention to detail amaze me

  8. This is so pretty! And it doesn't look "little girl-ish" at all! I can't wait to try this on my girls' hair when it gets long enough.

    I don't know if this would work with Beans' hair, but whenever I've done the waterfall braid with my hair I curl it before I braid it. I don't bring both braids to the back either, just let them hang without elastics in the front ... looks like I twisted back the front part just a little bit. And, it stays pretty much all day. Course, I'm not running around like a little girl though. Just an idea.

  9. I absolutely loooove this! I'm not sure who will insist on having it done tomorrow, me or my pre-teen. I'll definitely send pics tho. Gorgeous!!!

  10. I'm not worthy ... we're not worthy.... amazing GF. you rock.

  11. I was just looking for something a little more elegant for my DDs to were to a funeral, they are going to meet a lot of people they don't know (my entire side of the family, Grandma has not seen them in 6 or 7 years so this should be perfect. then I will give a soft curl to the hair that is down. I agree it looks pretty with the elastics still in also.

  12. Dang its hairstyles like these that I miss my girls long hair!! I lOVE IT!

  13. Brittniejoy1983@comcast.netOctober 27, 2010 at 8:30 PM

    Have you seen Hairstyles for Girls 'cheat' on the waterfall (or floating) french braid? It stays better but achieves a very similar look to it!

    Here is the address if you want to take a look... I love your styles, they are so elegant for girls, but this one especially has been challenging since my daughter's hair is soooo thin! The alternate way of doing it stays better in her hair...

  14. wishing for a video to show us step by step.


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