Respect for the Low Pony

This week is trying to get away from me! Have you ever had one of those weeks where they just fly by and you have so much on your "fun"genda that it is a real challenge fitting it all in. That has been this week for me. So much going on.
With "so much going on" comes very busy even rushed out the door hair days. So we have had to really Keep 'em Simple. This one is just that nice and simple, but cute. You are first going to do some of your simple knots around the front. This is especially nice if you are trying to grow out bangs. We did three rows on the left and two on the right. Love having the balance difference. Always have and always will.
You can't really tell from the picture, but we added sparkles with a hair mascara color just for a little extra fun. In real life you can tell. In the photo, not so much. And at this point with just the knots you can call it done if you want too. We didn't.
The last step is pulling it into a low pony tail. Then find something like a Trash Tie to tie down for a long hold. I love that look. If you are going to do a low pony tail I say have a long wrap in it to finish it off. Ribbon works great too.
Don't you just love that more than just a plain pony tail? Back to the rat race week I have been having--- hope you are having as much fun as we are. Keep cute 'n' it up this summer!


  1. I love that look w/the Trash Tie -- still need to borrow those from you! Maybe we can swap - Curlformers for Trash Ties when we get together next week! And I can see the glittery look in there too. Cute cute cute.

  2. Cute! I like it... I think it's time to buy some more tiny hair bands...

  3. I really like pony tails for my daughter, It's nice and adorable for her. Love your idea on that one.

  4. It looks so simple but really cute and clean. I like the way you keep her hair. Very nice.


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