Positive Affirmation

I like to think that we do more than just "Do Hair" here at Girly Do's. A few weeks back we found this adorable video of this cute little girl. I have watched this video so many times. This is the attitude I want for my kids to posses. I want them to feel fabulous outside and look good, but I want it to go so much deeper than just skin deep. I think being positive about whatever you are going through is a great place to start. I think looking at things in a positive way is great. I think little Jessica and her daily affirmations are great. Enjoy this cute video.

My question for you--- What do you do to teach your kids "this positive" way of looking at life?


  1. that was adorable! Out of the mouth of babes, if only we could all be more like her.

  2. I love that video. What a cute girl.

  3. Great video!
    To teach my kids to have positive life attitudes, I try to lead by example: no self-deprecating remarks, being happy and taking care of the things I have been blessed with, and taking the time to point out each of their blessings as well!

  4. That's a great reminder to appreciate every blessing, no matter how small. Really cute!


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