One BIG Bun

Start this one out with a pony tail with hair divided and left out in front.
Work your pony tail into loops on the top of the pony tail securing with bobby pins.
The end results should look like this after you get all the bobby pins and curls in place.

Now start taking chunks form the front left down section.
Secure to the opposite side hiding the bobby pins underneath the bun. You will have hair hanging down in back. We will take care of that in a minute.
Smooth out any bumps. The idea is for this to be very sleek and smooth.
This is the bobby pin picture.
Now take the other section and divide it in half. The first section you will be using is the section that would be the "bang" section of the hair. You will be securing this on the same side that you secured the first section to. So in my case I have secured my first two sections of hair on the left side of her head.
With the last section you are going to make a dramatic sweep across the top of the head, smooth it out and secure it on the opposite side.
Now to take care of those dangle down pieces from the front sections.
You secure them with a round curl just like you did for the bun in one of our very first steps.
This is what you come out with. A pretty bun with a little drama on top. Perfect hair do for teenies, tweens and teens. This hair do would work for anyone.


  1. I love the criss-cross with the bun. Very pretty.

  2. Very creative. I like the criss-cross too.

  3. Cute style. You are very talented.

  4. I absolutely love the front! How creative...

  5. Another cute style! You are so great. :)

  6. GREAT directions! The commentary really made it easy to understand! Now if I can just get my HANDS to cooperate! ;)

  7. Very cute! I don't think my DD has quite enough hair yet, but someday!

  8. Very nice! Im gonna do this do on my sister and she falls in the anyone section. My kids and i are visiting her for the next 2 weeks.
    She is a busy mom of 2 and this is a nice way to keep her hair out of the way!
    I know she will be thrilled.

  9. I love it!!! so cute! can't wait to try it on my daughter!

  10. It's Gorgeous! I was looking for a bun hairstyle for dance! Thanks:)

  11. I really like this. Now, I'm wishin I didn't cut my daughter's hair so short :( darn.

  12. is her hair wet when you do this, or is it some kind of product you put in?

  13. We did this one and got lots of compliments. Thanks for the idea!

  14. fantastico!! vado subito a farlo a mia figlia.


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