Here Fishy Fishy

I know we have done a fish bone braid before, but here is the thing...
We are currently trying to do hair styles that hold those growing out bangs out of her eyes. So this may be a refresher course to the fish bone braid, but it is a good idea for keeping bangs out of eyes.
Starting on one side of the head you are going to section the hair and part out a rounded shape and divide the hair in half.
Cross one side over the other--- THAT IS THE ONLY TIME YOU EVER HAVE TO CROSS OVER THESE MAIN SECTIONS. Now divide out small sections from each side and cross them over to the other side section. See that little section I have pinched between my thumb and forefinger? That is the first one we are adding.
Cross over to the other side. The TIP that is going to make your fish-bone braid look good is by taking VERY SMALL sections and adding them to the far side. The smaller the piece you are adding the better your braid looks. Take you time and smooth out the hairs as you go.
Now take from the other side and add it to the opposite side. You repeat that process over and over.
Once you run out of hair to lift and add you can take the hair from the other side of the pony tail and add it to the other side crossing over the top. Use small sections for this part as well.
In the end you have a fish-bone braid.
We've taken the rest of the hair and pulled it into two ponytails that we made into one big messy bun off to the side.
And NO BANGS hanging in her face. At least for a while... We did have some slip out of this one after a while and we had to clip them back anyways... Still a cute hair do though.


  1. This is very cute. Way to go Mom!

  2. Cute, cute, cute! I'll have to keep practicing my fish bone skills, I can never make these braids look even close to as good as yours!

  3. OMG super cute! And your daughter is a DOLL! I love the dimple. My little guy has one in the same spot. love it

  4. Cute, Cute, Cute! I love how you combined the 2 styles!

  5. I love this one! Have I told you I can't braid? :)

  6. Jen, I finally looked at your site, I'm sorry I am slow, I didn't realize you was the one doing the web site. This is great I will pass this on to all my students. keep up the good work, I AM proud of you. Love ya Ronda

  7. oh my god you're good... You're daughter is just the cutest little thing :)

  8. That is sooo cute! I can never think of good hairstyles to do with a fish braid, so thanks for sharing this one.

  9. Super cute! Love it. Her hair grows quick!

  10. growing out my daughters bangs as well. I might have to try this one out for soccer camp today! Thx for sharing!

  11. I was worried at the start of this post that you were just going to assume we all know how to do the fish thing. I am ecstatic that you went through it step-by-step!

    Feel free to start with the simple stuff anytime, for newbies like me!

    Love this!

  12. I do this one often only with a french braid. I seem to have some trouble with the fish tail. I will have to work on perfecting it to try this. IT's super cute. ANd your dtr is ADORABLE!!


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