Fabric Curlers--- FIXED

Another one fixed--- I could not be happier about getting this one fixed and a huge improvement has been made to the curls too. Surely you remember the fabric curlers I made. I've given a few sets away since then. These are a favorite around here, so check out the tutorial--- click here to be taken to the original post. Can you believe I originally did this tutorial back in August 2008, we've been around for a long time! Thanks for always checking us out and being a part of our hair world.


  1. I love the change to your header. very pretty.

  2. Adorable, I need to learn how to make those curlers, I have been using rag curls for my little one. This idea is wonderful.

  3. Wow she is so little. Thanks for the fix.

  4. Hey, do these cloth rollers work on staraight hot-combed/flat-ironed African American hair???? I really wanted to try it, because it looked so cool to do!!! Please let me know!!!! My email is: Cricket5144@hotmail.com. THANKS A BUNCH!!!!!!!


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