Ribbon Braid

First of all THANK YOU for the comment love. I mostly just needed more time to get all these pictures ready to explain this hair do, but you have no idea how much time goes into these tutorials. The COMMENT LOVE goes a long way in motivation. So thank you.

Start by watching this video. This really isn't a totally challenging braid, but it is easily made harder just by over thinking the process. I did the video so you can actually see this braid being made. That is sometimes easier for making it make sense. Now I will show you in picture form to slow it down a little for those who learn that way better. The video was strait back, the photo's are working from the sides. And there are 30 photo's total, so I have tried to be as clear as I can on this tutorial. Hopefully the extra work that went into this one pays off and you all "get it".
Just like in the video you are going to divide out the hair and then secure your ribbon underneath the hair.
You will next divide the hair into four sections. One of those four sections is the ribbon. The ribbon has two sections of hair on the left and one to the right when you are working on the right side of the head.
You take the farthest hair section on the left side and you move under the hair section next to it and...
over the ribbon.


you end up with two sections of hair on the right side of the ribbon.
You take the outer section of hair on the right side and go over the hair and under the ribbon.

You will part out a section of hair from the hair that is down and add it to that outer section of hair.
You now have two sections on the left side and you are going to do the same action for this LEFT side as you did before. Do you remember it? _____the hair and _____the ribbon. Do you remember?
UNDER the hair....
OVER the ribbon.
Part some hair from that down hair and add it to the outside of the right side.
Combine OVER the hair
and UNDER the ribbon.
Combine some of the down hair by parting and adding it to that outer section of hair.
and go under the hair and over the ribbon.

Continue until you are out of hair to add and then just braid without adding hair. Depending on how long the hair is this can go a long ways.

Just remember for this side of the head we were working when we were braiding in the left half we went UNDER the hair and OVER the ribbon.
from the right side we went OVER the hair and UNDER the ribbon.
The first side is done. Secure this with an elastic.
Now when we are working on the LEFT SIDE of the head we start basically the same way. Securing the ribbon and then dividing the hair into four sections. One of which is the ribbon. Two on the top or right side and one on the left or bottom side of the ribbon. THE STEPS REVERSE so we can get a mirrored copy on this side.
Now from the top or right side you will go UNDER the hair and OVER the ribbon.
Combine some hair with the outside section on the left,
Go OVER the hair,
And UNDER the ribbon.
Combine with the dawn hair to the outside section, or right side in this case.
Go UNDER the hair,
And over the ribbon. Got it? From this side it is from the right: UNDER the hair and OVER the ribbon.
From the left: OVER the hair and UNDER the ribbon.
Continue until you get to the end.
Now you have two finished ribbon braids. Cute aren't they?
To secure them together use bobby pins.
Then secure or fasten together with an elastic.
Clip any extra ribbon that you don't want to incorporate.
Add your FAVORITE hair accessory from ALL THINGS RIBBON. These are her newest flower fabric bows. I wear this one in my hair more than I let Beans wear it in her hair. This one really is my favorite hair accessory. Everyone should have the perfect flower for there own collection.
There you have it. Was that easy or hard? I want to see how yours turns out so make sure and send me pictures or link me to where you show off your creations. Can't wait to check it out.


  1. You're just simply amazing. Beautiful as always.

  2. Holy Cow~~I love it! I promise to try this one, (I think I might even have some ribbon laying around somewhere)I will have to check. ;) Simply Beautiful!

  3. One word: WOW! That's gorgeous. Better not do that one if you don't have time to stop and soak in compliments :)

  4. Wow that is neat! I would have never thought of doing it that way. Thanks for your time and for the amazing hairdos. LOVE your site.

  5. Very pretty! Thanks for taking the time to do the tutorial, I know how much time it takes. It is nice that you have someone to take the pictures and film for you :)

    Girls Curls

  6. That is so gorgeous! Love your blog and the hairstyles you come up with -- I've done quite a few of them since coming across your blog!

  7. How my gosh that is GENIUS! I am soo doing this on Sunday! thanks Jenn!!

  8. thanks for doing this! It really is VERY pretty

  9. All I can say is WOW!! That is so beautiful and elegant!! You really are amazing! Thank you so much for doing the tutorial. The video is especially helpful to me! We'll see if I am talented enough to pull this one off! If I can, I'll send pictures! Thanks again!

  10. Okay that is just beautiful! It doesn't look too hard, I'm going to try it out, will let you know how it goes!

  11. Wow, that looks kind of complex.... :) Very pretty, though.

  12. OMGosh!!! that really looks complicated. This hairdo is just in time for summer vaca! I can pop a movie in, sit the girls down, and take my time learning it! Thanks for posting! It's beautiful :)


  13. that is soo cute!! thank you for sharing it with us!

  14. That's amazing and so simple thanks for sharing!

  15. this is beautiful... but the video keeps stoping at 2:03 :( haha thanks a bunch

  16. this is fantastic! my oldest is goin 2 a special function 2marrow and i was looni 4 sumthin special! thanx!!

  17. Thank you for going into such detail to explain it. I'll attempt it one of these days soon. It's beautiful!

  18. Wow, it seams so easy for something so beautiful.

  19. That hairdo looks complicated yet really fantastic and beautiful! Thanks for the detailed explanation. I'll probably try it to my little angel. :)

  20. This is absolutely beautiful. My daughter will be graduating kindergarten on wed. and I think I'm going to try this hairstyle on her. I've done many of you hairstyles on my girls since I have found you blog. Keep up the awesome work, can't wait to see what you come up with next = ]

  21. SO beautiful!!
    We are gonna try this tomorow!

  22. Just finished following the two sided braids pic steps! Turned out AWESOME the very FIRST time!!! THANK YOU for sharing your talents!!!!!

  23. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site, and SO VERY MUCH appreciate every minute of the countless thousands that you've invested creating such awesomely detailed tutorials and videos!!! I can't conceive of how you do it with 4 children! You do sleep at night, right!?! Of course my appreciation and adoration extends to your beautiful model!!! She sits so quietly and patiently... Whatever you're paying her,double it! :)

  24. Wow, that is beautiful. I do my little sister's hair all the time, and I really wanna try this on her, IF she'd ever sit still lol. SO CUTE!:3 LOVE IT.


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