I am all about the fast hair do's. So this one is in my top ten. This tutorial is just the bun. Up front I just have a braid that is keeping the bangs out of her face. We are trying to grow them out.
So pull the hair into a pony tail and braid down the back. VERY LOOSE!!! You can do all the hair or just half the hair like we did.
Next fold that very loose braid up and to the side a little. Secure it with a few bobby pins close to the base of where your bun will finish.
Curve it over itself and slide the end through the part you flipped up previously. Secure with bobby pins.
Next you will make that tail disappear.
Twist it slightly and bobby pin the hair down.
Curly it up and pin it again.
Loop it around one more time and pin it down again.
Now pinch some out of the braid part and pin it down at the base of the bun.
Pin it down in a few spots. and you will have a beautiful poofie bun.
And you made it happen quickly. Way to go!


  1. Cute! I'm sad because I can't do this sort of thing anymore though. :(

  2. Great pictures! They really help show the steps. Thanks! =)

  3. Gorgeous! I can't wait to do this one for church this Sunday!

  4. I used this idea on Ally yesterday. I did the french braid across the top of her head, and then did a full bun in the back because it's so hot here in MI this week. Thanks for the cute idea!

  5. I did this on my sister. I just started a hair blog if you want to visit it go to

    You can email me back at or


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