Loopy Do

This one is fabulous----I was stopped so many times with this bun that Beans made the request to NOT do this hair do when we are in a hurry. I've passed that advice on to you now do this hair do on a day you have time to stop and be admired.
Before you pull the hair back into a pony tail muck the hair up with some styling jell. The down side to this hair do is that you will be using a lot of hair spray. I am not a fan of products in Beans hair and I avoid them usually, but this one needs the extra hold.
You now make the individual curls by separating out a piece of hair from the pony tail. Start on the top of the head.
S-L-I-G-H-T-L-Y twist the hair, don't go too tight. You want this to move with a natural flow. So keep it very simple. You will add your first bobby-pin. I have the arrow showing where my bobby pin is.
Now curve it around making the outside of your curl. add another bobby-pin. Again I added an arrow for direction.
You now curl the rest of the hair and secure it inside that outer area that you did in the last two steps. Use hair spray to make sure there are no fly aways.
You then move on to your next curl. Repeat with the same steps as above.
Make sure you are thinking ahead as far as placement. This one may take a little practice, but keep at it. Its totally worth it. Make sure to keep all your curls about the same size.
Once you are done with all the loops you are left with this flower looking loopy do.
Hope you love it. Watch for the next day do on this one tomorrow--- yes it has a next day addition.


  1. I would stop you to look too. :) That is beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous!! That would have been perfect when my oldest was a dancing flower in a musical at school :D :D

  3. So very cute! Love the look.

  4. I love that! Plus, it looks easy enough for me to try it!

  5. Thanks! I used this for my daughter's dance recital! http://erlika.blogspot.com/2010/05/i-lied.html

  6. I love this one! Absolutely beautiful! We are trying it for church today!


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