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This was actually a tutorial I did well over a year ago, originally. However, it has fallen off the face of this blog never to be found again. At the end of last year I discovered several posts that have just disappeared. The words are there, but the pictures are all gone. I am working on re posting these. It will take some time, so bare with me.

I am doing this one as one of the first ones I am repairing because I got an email from Andrea who told me that places charge like $20 for this little extra flare. I wouldn't want to spend $20 bucks on this hair do. Its fun and Beans wants me to do this every day--- its easily a favorite, but $20 seems a little high. So go the the craft store and pick up some embroidery floss. It comes in pretty much every color and is usually only fifty cents, so two colors will run you a buck. Not bad compared...
To start you need to part out a very small section where you want to add this hair flare. This is about a dime size spot. You don't want much more than that.
Find the middle of your floss section and place it in the middle of that hair you have sectioned out.
Now secure the pony tail with a rubber band. You can clip this out later if you hate that rubber band being in the hair wrap. It never really bothers me. But if you want to take it out you just need scissors or a seem ripper.
Now you combine all the strings into the hair BUT the one you want to start with.
And you simply start wrapping it around tight and close together. Now friendship bracelets that you make out of this same kind of string are done with knots--- DO NOT DO KNOTS IN THE HAIR IF YOU HAVE NO INTENTIONS OF CUTTING THIS OUT HAIR AND ALL, because you won't get knots out. Just twist you will thank me when you take this out.
Maybe I chose the wrong colors to make this way clear, but I took out my gray and have it off to the left side while I wrap the pink around looser just to hold the hair tight. I then start in with the gray just as tight as the pink. You end this color the same way and move back on to the pink. Over and over again. I bring out the pillow and the blanket for this one and just let her lay down for a while.
I ran out of string before I ran out of hair... Oops, no big deal its really only a mistake I notice. To finish off you just do one or two knots at the end, I suggest only one because it will make it easier to take out. Maybe two if you made it farther past the hair than I did.
When I parted the hair at the first step I planned on a little hair falling over this wrap and hiding it a little bit. You can do it any way you would like.
And there you have it. Just in time for summer fun in the sun!!! Is anyone else SOOOOO ready for summer? I sure am.


  1. PS----> Little girls with Hair Wraps and Soccer games are not a good combination. She was more interested in trying to show off her hair than play the game... so don't do this hair do during soccer season. LOL

  2. You didn't say how to finish off the end of the floss?

  3. No I forgot--- I will fix that right now.

  4. That's so cute! And yes, I can't wait for summer! We're definitely ready to slow down.

  5. Very cute! How long does it stay in?

  6. I used to do these all the time when I was a teenager. I think I'll bring my floss to girls camp this summer--thanks for jogging my memory on this!

  7. We used to do these with a chunk of hair from below the ear and then put beads on the end. But we tied knots so they would stay in. Who knew Jr. High hair styles would come back!

  8. how do you get them out?

  9. i'm 10 and already helping out at a shop nad specialse in this.

  10. Awesome thanks! Even though i'm late on the trend. lol

  11. how do you end it and how do you get it out. please reply ASAP


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