The Standard Bow

Wishy-washy Beans now wants to grow her bangs back out, so here is an idea for hidings growing out bangs. The biggest point of this tutorial however is bow placement. Just because you have two identical bows it no reason you can't place them in unbalanced non-symmetric positioning. So pay close attention to that--- because it can be done and it can be dang cute too. Start by dividing the hair with a band in the front on both sides and pull the rest into a pony tail to get it out of your way. See the bangs--- I think she just wants to have them over her eyes--- $2o bucks says she is trying to get her way with bangs over her eyes--- Only time will tell.

Pull a small section into a pony tail that holds all those bangs in loosely together.
And knot that up and tighten it down. That is how we are keeping the bangs out of the face while they grow out.
I may have not made that clear earlier, but that pony tail should be off centered so that you can throw a bow over the knot. This makes it look like the bow is what is holding the bangs out of the way.
Braid down the rest of the hair. There wasn't a lot of french braiding going on, but there is a little at the top by the bow. Did I mention where that pretty little bow is from--- OH MY GOSH I DIDN'T--- shoot-a-roo. Today's bows are of course from Jen at All Things Ribbon. She has some beautiful Spring and Summer colors right now, so go check out her goods.

Repeat with the knot and the braid on the other side omit the bow on the other side.
Next you will pull the remaining hair into a nice pony tail as high as you would like the bun to be. With the braids you use a rubber band to secure them under the pony tail. For the bun you have all kinds of bun choices. To give you a few of my favorites you can check out this messy bun, the bun done with a rolled up sock, back combed bun, I did my style bun (The tutorial went missing, more info on that in a few days...) and I improved my style by using the bobby pin suggestion from this tutorial from Babes in Hairland (Great video of that one).
Now the only problem we have it that tail hanging down from the braids we combined under the hair.
That is where bow number two comes in from All Things Ribbon. Lift it and hide it under the bun. If you need a few bobby pins right here to make sure it doesn't slip out go on and throw those in the style here.
Then safely tuck that bow in barely peaking out from under the bun. You want it seen, but subtle.
See how that works. :)
And this is what you end up with. I love the bow placement, its not just pig tails-- its different--- its wonderful--- I love it.
Bangs are out of the way, hair is off the neck, and it is beautiful to boot! Enjoy.

P.S.--- Need a deal on those All Things Ribbon Bows? I am a Fan on Her Facebook Page and she gives out codes all the time for great discount rates, so become a fan.


  1. Oh so cute - and thanks for the shout out deary! Would have loved to see her from the front too - to see how the bangs pulled back worked that direction too! No biggie though. Love those bows! :-)

  2. Oh wow! cute and it looks like my dd won't think it takes too long while I fix it! Thanks!

  3. Cute hair do! Love it!

  4. This one is really pretty! Amazing!

  5. Super cute! And that's how I've done my messy buns ever since it was posted on Babes in Hairland- a combination of both!

  6. I love this one! Can't wait to try it in the morning! Thanks so much!

  7. So adorable!!!
    I won't take you up on the bet though, it sounds like you got it right :-)

    Did you Chelsey Hightower's hair last monday? I really liked the braid and was wondering if you could give a tutorial on it :-) pretty [retty please!!

  8. This one is super cute! I can't wait to try it on my dd's :)

  9. What do you mean Chelsey Hightower Hair? I am not sure what that is.

  10. Jenn, these hairstyles are all so amazing! Some of them are WAY too intimidating for me, not to mention with 3 girls there is no WAY i'm going to get that crazy. I love messy buns, they're one of my favs and super easy.
    Sarah Lingwall

  11. oh yeah, one question, do you always start with wet hair? Is it easier?

  12. I only lightly dampened her hair. It was not wet to start with--- for this one.

  13. Love this look. Really wanted to see how it looked from the front. My girls hair is so long the tail from the braid had to be worked into the bun but it it nicely. I would love to see that bun tutorial of your favorite bun. In addition I wish I wasn't so french braid challenged. Trying to french braid such a small section of hair wasn't working for me.
    Thanks for the great cute tutorial. I think we'll use a variation of these for Jacob's baptism tomorrow.


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