Quick Cute Braids

If you don't have time to do french braids this is a nice alternative. And if you don't know how to french braid this might just work for you. We like this one a lot on days we are in a hurry.Start with two VERY LOOSE low piggy tails.
I am talking very loose. You should be able to reach your fingers through the pony tail part. And you need to in order to make a loose knot.
Grab the pony tail and pull it back through the pony tail.
DO NOT TIGHTEN DOWN. Keep these knots very loose.
This is a fun cute hair do by itself, but the idea was not just knot pig tails, so braid the rest of the hair and secure it with a rubber band.
Try and not do a tight braid. The idea is for it to be loose.
And there you have it. Fun simple quick and cute. This one is great for the mom that isn't a morning person, but doesn't want their child to go to school with bed head.


  1. oooohhhhh! Very cute! I will be trying that one tomorrow morning!

  2. Wish I had that one this morning. We had 4 minutes to do hair and MAJOR bedhead!!
    Thanks! This will be well used at my house from now on! :D

  3. Sooo ... you gunna tell everyone you're coming back or what?! LOL This is so cute btw.

  4. Adorable!
    (And she doesn't have to SAY she's coming back, that might be too much pressure... she can just relax and post whenever she wants to, we'll love it whenever we get it! lol)

  5. Hey there! I am a bit behind, but I just wanted to say the new header looks great! =)

  6. I just have to tell you that we have done this hairdo THREE times since you posted it last week. THANK YOU!

  7. Wow!! I neeeeeded this one! Very cute, thanks.

  8. Very cute hairstyle! Thanks

  9. Thanks for the tip, im not good at french braiding LOL


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