My Only Easter Suggestion (this year)

Last Sunday Beans was telling me about the hair do she wanted for church. We had just got done watching, "The Princess and The Frog" for the 28th time (that week--- just kidding) when she asked if I could do her hair like Princess Tiana's hair. This was what we came up with--->
That one side looks flat, but it's not--- it must have been the lighting or how she was tipped-- it really looked like this---->
It is just a high pony tail that I pinned above the pony tail with bobby pins and then curled it back over the opposite direction kind of like an "S" shape. I didn't know it would end up so pretty or I would have shoot step by step. But at last--- I didn't and I apologize.

I know it feels like I am back and doing the blogging thing again because I have posted a lot lately--- a lot without step-by-step tutorials, but posted non the less. I just thought I should say that baby J's surgery went well. I haven't been to the doctors in weeks for more than a ear infection on the kid and life seems to be getting smoothed out. I quit my job about the same time that I quit the blog and things are letting up in my life... I may be back, but I won't make that decision 100% until after April. I do miss posting tutorials and blogging. Hope you all have a great Easter.


  1. What a cute up-do. I think my daughter would like this do. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your ideas.

  2. Very cute! My girls will love it for church next week.
    And hooray for baby J doing better! Hope that trend continues!

  3. This is a great and perfect hair do for my little gal, we've also watched Princess and the Frog non stop lately. We'll try it!

  4. I am so glad your son's surgery went well. We would LOVE it if you came back!! You have been sorely missed! Happy Easter to You and Your Family Too!

  5. Adorable!! And take your time, we love hearing how things are going even if you're not back full-time :) *hugs*

  6. So so cute, I can't figure out what you did exactly, need a tutorial, this is a winner! LC

  7. I'm happy to hear that your life is settling down a bit. I know how it can be. I hope that soon you're able to blog again and it brings you pleasure and not stress.


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