Too Pretty to Not Share

I was playing with this hair idea from Babes in Hairland and it was just too pretty to not post. I didn't shoot any step-by-step instructions, so I hope you can figure it out with Babes In Hairland video to this cool rubber band thing. I did mine looser and knotted at the front to give it a different look. I also did one more rubber band trick below the flower. I thought it was rather cool.


  1. cute! I've never been able (as of yet) to get that technique to work. I guess I'll have to keep trying!

  2. Oooh, so cute. I had to enlarge the picture to see it more up close. AT first it looked like knots and not the rubber band thing! Thanks for sharing - Love it!

  3. It is so good to see you both again! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. I just stumbled on your blog and I love all the cute creative hairstyles! I am a nanny and all the little girls would love these! Do you have any hairstyles, or recommend any hairstyle blogs for teens or women? I'd love some ideas for my own hair!

  5. I love this style of flower bow! I thought I'd seen a tutorial on how to make it somewhere and I've looked and looked and can't find it anymore. Where did you get it? Did you make it? If so, how? morgan_somersyahoocom


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