The Hour Glass

We did this pretty hair do the other day and Beans had some stops to "check it out". So she asked me to take a picture of it since seeing the back of her head is difficult. One look and she said this one was a Girly Do Do. And I don't think she meant that in a bad way. (ROFL)

So we redid it on Sunday and I shot a tutorial on it. I did it a little different then I did the first day we did this hair do. I liked it a little better the first time around, but changing it back is pretty easy, only one step is left out and I am sure you can guess which one, but I will tell you anyways.
Start with a high pony tail knot it through so the pony tail is facing down. This means you will enter it on top to slip the hair through. You will then split that in half and twist both halves, braid both halves or just divide it into to sections of hair. I just did two sections of hair with my original time doing this hair do.
Next make another pony tail. We will have three total, so don't use all the hair that was left down.
This time knot it from the bottom so the pony tail comes out the top.
See how it lifts and then falls? I love that look to a pony tail.
Now you will section that up and take the first two pony tails on each side of that pony tail.
Like so...
And combine those with the rest of the hair left down.
And secure that with a rubber band. You will now take the rubber bands out of those two braids if you braided them and let the hair fall in place with the rest of the hair in the pony tail.
And knot that one so that it comes out the top as well.
Take the hair from the middle pony tail section and lay it on top of that bottom pony tail.
I threw in a big hair pretty and I wish I hadn't, it looks better without it, but I just adore that hair thing. I wore it all the time when I was in High School. I think it hides this cute hair do though, so next time we will leave that hair pretty in the drawer and go with just the pretty hair do. Enjoy.


  1. I love it!! But you're right - they're two different styles when you add the "hair pretty" and twist the top ponytail vs. doing it like you did in the first picture. I like them both!!

  2. Those are awesome!! LOVE them both, can't wait to try them. (Won't be tomorrow, though... picture day, have to do something that's fancy-ish in the front o.O )

  3. Absolutely Adorable! Thanks for sharing! I was so excited to see you had posted again. We miss you!

  4. It took me a couple of looks, but I get it. I agree, the original was my favourite as well.

  5. Cute Hair do. I am glad the Beans is still having hair dos for this blog. I love your blog and try to do some of the things that you have posted. Thanks for all of your time.

  6. Oops I meant "I am glad that Beans..." not the beans.

  7. This one is so fun. I like it w/o covering it up w/your fun clip from the past! Glad you were able to get this one posted. We'll be trying it for sure. See ya soon!

  8. Thanks for taking the time to post this! I just want to encourage you to keep putting up content. I don't care if it's not as frequent as before. Hey, I don't have time to read it as often as before, either! I love seeing your ideas. They have inspired many a hair-do on one of my three girls here in KY! Thanks again, Jen!

  9. love this! my girls pull ideas from your blog all the time- but I totally understand the need to re-prioritize

  10. Thank you for the new do! I can't wait to try it. I hope your family is doing well.

  11. Hey that was awesome, I'm sure that works also for teens and adults! Really nice stuff! :D Keep posting!!



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