Love Knot--- ♥

Start with your braids or twists that meet up in the back. You know the problem with this... by mid day you have a mess of that hair that is not secured anywhere on top. Well--- scroll down to see our solution.
Flip that braid part out of the way.
Divide that in half.
Tie your first knot.
Flip the hair back over and tuck it between your two ends of your knot.
Tie it above the braid. So that is once below and once above.
Combine it with the braid that is now below that second knot because you dropped it between the knots. And secure a CLEAR rubber band to all of the hair. The knots and the braids. And pull it tight so it hides itself underneath the pony tail.
See----> You can't see my rubber band.
All you see is a neat love knot. And guess what--- you secured that hair that usually gets away with a do like this.


  1. Thanks for the good idea! I love the new background!

  2. Very cute. Never would of thought of this! :)

  3. I do like this. ALOT! Mine is growing up and is about fed up with me and the last 7 years of hairdo's:)

  4. oh! Oh! Oh!!!


    This is gonna work for me!! I always have the problem of their hair looking outta control by the time they get home from school... or the twist flips up on top of their heads. I hate that!
    I will be doing this do tomorrow for both my girls. Looks like it will be done in a flash!
    Thanks, Jenn!


  5. Awesome! Thanks for the solution to this ever-so-common problem with messy hair! I will be using this on my oldest tomorrow for sure!

  6. CUTE! I love it! I'll be trying this one soon.

  7. This has got to be one of the greatest ideas ever!! I love it and can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. I finally got around to doing this do, and it turned out sooo cute! The best part, it was so easy and fast!

  9. I love this idea! I was just think about that with my girls the other day! I couldn't figure out what to do to keep their hair down! I'm going to try this for my oldest daughter this week! I just discovered your blog, and I'm so sad you're stopping, but I'll keep you in my prayers and I hope everything gets better for you and Baby J and your entire family!

  10. I linked you to my facebook page!!! I love all your hair dos and will be trying them on my 8 year old!!! Thank u so much, Brooke
    Girl Boy Girl Inspired
    Check out my blog please!

  11. Nice nice hair. I'd love to have a baby girl so I could also make her hair look good as like this. :)

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