Nothing to do with hair- AT ALL

At the first of this month I excused myself from blogging for my other hobby of making Halloween costumes. (Click here.) Well I know there was a handful of people that wanted to see how they turned out. So even though it has nothing to do with hair here they are--->We have Lou from Guitar Hero.
Princess Aurora.
And Mario.


Messy Bun Submitted by Suzanna

Suzanna- sent over some pictures and a video to show me how to do this very pretty messy bun. The video she sent was on dry hair and she said how much better it works on wet hair. I gave it a try and she was so right. So I re shot the video on wet hair and it just isn't the best video. I let my seven year old be in charge of the camera and he does a pretty good job, but there is a little shakiness going on. Lets not even talk about the almost naked baby running around in the back ground. But this is a great bun- so good video or bad video I am just very excited to share this one with you. Please take a minute to leave a comment and thank Suzanna for sharing this with us. If you have an idea you would like to submit please send them my way I love seeing what you do. Thanks again Suzanna. The finished pictures are her little ones.

Princess or Prom- This one will work for both...

This is in my top ten! I love this one and I can see it working for my wee one or any one going to prom. Its fantastic! And surprisingly very simple. I got an email for a beautiful princess hair do. This is what I came up with--->Start with a pony tail. Leave a large chunck down in the front slightly off centered.
Next divide the pony tail in half and roll the top part into a big fat curl.
Bobby pin that big fat curl into place.
Do the same with the bottom half. It kind of look slike big fat puckered up lips.
Now you will take that froint section and smooth it towards the puckered up lips bun in the back.
Bobby pin that off to the side of the top of the puckered up lip bun.
Now roll the hair over the bobby pins to hide them and roll the hair to the side of the puckered up lip bun. Its almost more of a fold than a roll. You don't want this to look rolled. It should be a smooth transition.
Bobby pin it to the side of that puckered up lip bun.
Now give the hair that is still down one fat curl.
And fold it over the bobby pin again to hide it. Go right over the hair and through the two lips or big fat curls from the start.
Secure that last bart with bobby pin to the opposite side. Just let that curl do what ever it needs to do. If you are working with longer hair just anchor it a few times until it looks right.
There you have it. Top view.
Back view.

I love this one--- it is so elegant.

Braids Finishing Touches

When we left yesterday I left with you with the request that you practice this hair do. Now lets move on to part two of this hair do. First get your braids in the hair. This is beyond cute on its own, but let me show you a quick way to doll it up even more.
Combine the pig tails into one pony tail.
And let the hair loose on those pig tails making it into one pony tail.
Water down the hair and then divide the hair in half horizontally. The hair on bottom needs to be far less than that of the hair on top.
I just wrapped the hair around my fingers and threw in a rubber band on this one. With the left over hair I combine it into that hair I left hanging down.
Now you will bring that around to the front and over the middle of that bow shape.
Pull that hair through the pony tail and down the middle.
Secure with bobby pins and add enough to hold it in place and hold it tight.
You just fancied that up with a beautiful bow. How cool is that?

Try this...

So I have a cute hair do all ready to appear tomorrow, but I wanted to start with the first half because it is a cute do on its own. We are doing two braids piggy tail style. Only difference we are going to give this a zig-zag part instead of a strait part.So what you will want to do first is give the hair a mock part down the middle so you can base your zig-zag on something other than just a guess.
Start your first part at a zig-zag. And then you will need to parts out the hair that will be used for the other braid. Anchor it with a clip if you need to. This is a hard one to work with making those parts. That is why I broke this hair do into two parts. To give you the day to practice a braid with zig-zag parts.
See how I am zig-zagging as I add hair. Do this all the way down.
It ends up being so much prettier I think. What do you think?
BRAIDS with zig-zags or BRAIDS with a strait part?


How to do this...

This is my quick tutorial from the Glowby hair do I showed last week with my giveaway. I started with the top being finished off with my hair net hair do (CLICK HERE FOR THAT TUTORIAL). That was just how I wanted the top to be. The rest went like this--->I started by dividing the hair into three sections. Two pig tails that were equal and had the most amount of hair. The part left down was what I needed to use for the clip- you will understand after you scroll down to the next step. I didn't worry about parts on the pig tails that was just to separate the hair.
Next you will clip the Glowby into the hair that was left down. Clip in on top and not underneath.
Next have wee one hold the Glowby out of your way so you can pull it all together into a pony tail.
Take out the pig tails and pull it all into one pony tail. That hides the clip part of the Glowby. I think at this point you could weave that around the hair and that would be pretty cool, but we just did a few loops with both the Glowby and with the hair.
Use bobby pins to secure into place. This is a lot like THIS HAIR DO.
Once you have a few with the Glowby and a few with the hair you have a nice funky hair do. Just in case you need the link you can get to Glowby by CLICKING HERE.

The Winner is...

Thanks to everyone that entered and for all your very nice comments. I have had fun reading through them. The poets were my favorites as the generated the most laughter. Thank you guys! You guys are what make this whole thing so much fun.

So the winner is number 81 Amy:

AmyJoy said...

I'm baaaaacccckkkkk.
I'm a follower, so her is my daily entry :)
thank you,

Congratulations! Email me your information at girlydos(at)hotmail(dot)com. I know you are going to love these. They are so fun to work with. Thank you again to everyone that entered.

A Fun Glowby Do **TIME IS UP**

Make sure you get in on the giveaway to get your own glowby here. This really is so fun to play with. I suggerst one for all trick-or-treaters.

Also I am making my photo size smaller in hopes that it will help with the upload of my page over-all. I would love to know if it is loading faster for you. Sorry the scroll is gone. I may being it back if I can get it moving fast with smaller photo's. I love that scroll!

Glowby Hair Thingy ♥ giveaway ♥

I found this very cute fun hair thingy and thought it was so perfect for Halloween. They aren't expensive and they deliver super fast. So if you want to buy a Glowby go check out this website. They also take Paypal which pretty much always seals the deal for me. I love Paypal.

I wanted to have a cute hair do to show off, but things are just so busy with Halloween costumes and huge medical tests for my son. Well I got the news today that he does not have Cystic Fibrosis and I just had to celebrate. I can't wait to have a hair do tutorial to go with this I just want to do my giveaway. Hair do idea to go with this fun Glowby will come later. This way I also get it in the mail for someone to have before Halloween.

So when I bought me one I picked up one extra one to giveaway. I need to order more because these are so much fun and available in a lot of different colors. The one I am giving away is pink like the one I bought for Beans. Next time I might pick up some glowing hair gel also. That looks pretty rad.

So this is a giveaway for a pink Glowby.

1. Giveaway ends on October 17, 2009 Midnight(ish)
2. Everyone can have one entry just because.
3. Every follower can have one (extra) entry daily from now until the 17th
4. Every comment must be a complete sentence and not just a word. I will skip over single word entries when I count out a winner.

Its that easy.
Good luck everyone.

Today is a Good Day for an Up Do

I thought it would be kind of fun to take a stroll through memory lane and go with one of the classics for Beans hair today. I know I have several new readers that have missed some of these hair do's, so these are the top five I narrowed it down to for today. Up with ribbon.
Fancy Buns.

Have a great Sunday--- watch for a giveaway this week.

Simple Math

I'm still plugging away at costumes, but here's a fun one for your Tuesday. What do you get when you take my Got Time hair do and add it too the Prom Hair do? It looks something like this---->
Here's a bonus front view because she is so dang cute and because I love this new style of using frames that I learned from Bobbi-Jo. Check that out here at It Works For Me.

Happy Tuesday!



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