Down With Attitude

This is just a fun idea for wearing your hair down, but having a little style and spunk too it as well. You aren't going to want to get the hair too wet for this one because you will want to curl the ends under at the very end. Just lightly dampen the hair. Man- her hair is growing so fast.
Start by sectioning off a bundle on top adn just get that secured out of your way.
Now take out small sections of the hair and twist them into little twists or braid them-- whatever. Twists are made by twisting the single strand one direction and them twisting them together the opposite dirrection you twisted the individual strand.
See- sweet cork screw.
Secure with a rubber band and move on to another one until----
You have them all the way around the back about the same size and distance apart.
Next we move into my beautifully lit bathroom to curl the hair. Curl those ends and the ends of the twists.
Then let that top section down and curl that as well. What we have is a cute down do that has a little sass underneath.
I guess you could use the mullet saying tweeking it just a little to be pretty and all business in the front--->

Party in the back.
LOL--- Okay maybe that doesn't work. But the hair do works!

Who Inspires You?

Have you ever been in a doctors office and had the thought about your doctor that went like this; "I wonder what Doctor HE uses when he is sick or broken?" That is totally me. My son is in and out of the doctors offices having this and that tested. He has a very unusual milk allergy that does not show up on the skin, but affects his large intestine. It makes it so he doesn't absorb his water and liquids back in when he is exposed to milk. Making it so he doesn't gain weight well. About a week ago I was in getting his check up and checking on his weight and I was sitting in the office thinking about who all these different doctors I visit ALL THE TIME and who they go to when they need medical help. Well that of course got me thinking about Girly Do's and who I turn to when I need help.

So this hair do--- which I don't have a tutorial on--- was one of my inspired hair do's. I came up with it after having seen something similar from Babes in Hair Land. And I get idea's and starts from her blog all the time. She is one of my greatest inspirations. I have no problem telling you this because as your hair adviser I would like to send you to my very best specialist and get you the hair help you are in need of. That was my attempt to twist back in the whole medical mumbo-jumbo from before.

Anyways--- I just wanted to say thank you to Babes in Hairland for giving me so many wonderful idea's. I use more hair do's from her blog then any other hair blog. If you haven't been there make sure and go check her out and follow her for updates and great idea's. Some of my favorites are: The Wrap Around w/ Little Braids, Hawser Braids and a Bun, Cinna-Buns, and Five Ponytails & a Snake Updo.

So now I want to know from you--- The girly Do reader---->

Who is your specialist?
(and I am not talking hair here unless that is what you are in to.)
Who inspires you in what you love to do?
(feel free to link them.)

Blog Carnival

Today I wanted to participate it a blog carnival. So I am going with Tim from Fort Thompson and his oldies but goodies carnival. This is a fun way for me to be able to pull out a good old hair style that you may have missed from way back when.

The one I chose was a no brainer. I went with the one that made Girly Do's have to have its own website and move from my personal family blog. Most of you know that Girly Do's started on my family blog and as it got more and more readers I decided to start up a separate site for hair tutorials. Well this was originally featured on my family blog in February 2008, but it was moved to its own domain on April 2008. So this is a good Oldie to share.

I can't get over how little Beans is in this tutorial!
Do you remember when this was originally shown?
This weeks hair do is my favorite! And it looks far more complicated than it actually is. This really is a simple hair do. So don't just navigate away from my blog off of difficulty level. This is actually easy. The first time I tried doing this though I actually tried the hard way of doing it and then realized how very easy this actually is. It is beautiful and fun and trust me you will have a lot of people asking how you did this! So lets get started...
Scared yet? Don't be.

I am going to first attempt to teach you how to do a French braid. I am going to be very honest with you now. When I was about 16 years old my brother ((YES--- No typo there...)) My BROTHER taught me how to braid. So I know for a fact that I can't just start this tutorial without first teaching you how to do a simple French braid. If you are new to French braids start with a simple right down the back braid and perfect it before you go on to doing piggy tail French braids. And that is how I am going to teach you also. To do braids down the side you do this same thing only part it down the middle and use the hair one one side for one braid and on the other for the other braid. But if you've never done a braid before in your life we can start here. Also I apparently do what's considered a backwards or inside out braid. It makes mine poke up. If you want the standard French braid when you add more hair to the braid go over the base strands. I will be going under. Here we go...
Part out your starting section. Because Beans hair is thin I do big rectangular shaped section here. If you have thick hair you may have more of a square shape parted out.


You will need to make three sections of hair for your braid.

Then you criss-cross them together and start braiding. ONLY one time just to get it started. Don't add any hair at this point.


Just stop at about this point. And you see the side that has two of the strands. Looking at the picture it is the RIGHT side. This is the side we will add more hair to first. To that outer strand.

Part out another section of the hair and add it to the out hair bundle like I said before. This is where your hands start getting all mixed up because this is a two hand job. I monkey fist the strands with the opposite hand I need to part with. That way they are in the right order. I don't really have much advice of how to keep track of them. It truly is just something you may have to practice a lot until you find your groove.

Then add the parted hair to the outer strand of hair and braid that into the base braid you started with.
Remember I tuck under and that is what gives it the three D look. For a normal braid you would go over top.
This is a perfect picture to show you where that parted hair when combined with the outer hair of your base braid WENT. It is that hair between my thumb and forefinger of my left hand. See it? And now there is a new outer strand. It's that one hiding in my left hand at the back. That will be where we add hair to this time.
So we part like before...
Add it to the outer base strand of our braid...
And tuck it under. New hair we are going to add to next is the outer hair in my right hand. And you keep doing that over and over again.
And over and over. I am going to stop at a half braid today.
and just continue to braid.
Bean's hair is getting really long. So I am still braiding....
And this is what you get. Practice this... And when you get a braid down you are ready to move on to this....
And I am not going to give you the tutorial on a double braid unless you absolutely need it. But basically you part down the middle and do two braids.
Remember when I said how very easy this hair style is! Here's the trick. And I will say that I tried to actually braid that ribbon into the hair the first time I tried this hair style. DUH!!! I don't have four hands and that is exactly what you would need to actually put the ribbon in while you braid. DUH! DUH! DUH!!!! Get a big eyed needle and ribbon. And I bet you could take it from here just knowing that was how I did that right! Well I'll show you anyways.
Start at the top. Yup--- This is just like lacing shoes.
Make your ribbon (laces) even.
And lace up one side all the way down. Just poke ribbon through the hair, not the head! Just kidding. I think that part goes with out saying. But do be careful!
See one whole side is finished first.
Then you go back and do the other lace. You can experiment with how you finish this style off. I like to join them with a bow at the bottom.
Just like that...
And then I undo the bottom to be a pony tail. Cute hu?
Just another angle.
Of course here it is with the cheesy cute smile.

**Also** Thanks to Andrew my dear sweet husband for taking the pictures of the braid part I couldn't do those pictures by myself. Haha!
<span class=

Gaga for Hair

I can't help but giggle a little at Lady Gaga making it on to Girly Do's. I love to work out to Lady Gaga, but never in a million years would I let Beans listen to her lyrics. And lets just not go near the video and Beans combo with a nine foot pole. I like Lady Gaga, but she's a little to "mature audience" don't ya think. Well I got a crazy erg to give Beans a Lady Gaga bow. And it turned out pretty cute.
Beans bow is with her real hair and not extensions, so we have to do things a little differently. Like starting with it being pulled into a half pony tail off centered to the side you want your bow to sit on.
You will divide this into the parts. The one on top is far smaller then the two on the sides. The two on the sides will be for our bow.
Take one side and finger curl it to the size you want your bow to be.
Roll it all the way down to the pony tail and use bobby pins to secure it in place.
You will be using a lot of bobby pins to get it to lay out like a bow. Plus you want this to hold well all day long.
Do the same to the other side.
You are left with your smaller strand of hair. This is the middle poof of your bow.
Fold it once to the back...
Use a bobby pin to secure it.
Take it back to the front and secure it.
Take it to the back again and repeat this process until you have all the hair secured and a nice middle poof to your bow. tuck the left over hair into the bow or behind the last part of your middle poof.
Secure it anywhere else that needs extra hold down.
And you made a hair bow like Lady Gaga-- obviously this is much smaller, but it is dang cute.



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