Locks of Love- My Hair Donation Story

I finally had it with my hair this last week. Friday night I decided it was time to measure and see how short I was going to have to go with my 10 inch donation to Locks of Love. It was short! Shorter then I had been since elementary school. But I was determined to donate, so I told the gal to snip it. And in one fail swoop- she snipped my hair off into one huge pony tail. I looked at it and knew there was no going back. LOL- That was a lot of hair.

I didn't take a picture of the pony tail I was a little embarrassed to ask if I could take a picture before we donated it. And they were a location that would send the hair in for me. So I just let them have it and watched it next to the mirror my whole hair cut feeling pretty proud with my decision to donate.

That was just the beginning of my story. Beans was shocked when she saw me after my hair cut. She, along with my husband and two boys, marveled and flattered me with how beautiful I looked, but she was in a little shock. She asked, "Why so much." about the amount of hair cut off and I proudly told her about Locks of Love and what my hair would be used for. And I figured that was the end of this little tale.

However, without going into all the detail I found out that night that one of my very best friends has his three year old daughter in the hospital. They found a tumor on her kidney that had to be removed. It was cancerous. She is still in the hospital and she will be having radiation therapy. I've cried like crazy for my friend and his family. I've prayed harder then I have in a long time for anyone. My kids have seen me hurt for my friend.

Today on the way to my son's doctors appointment Beans put two and two together.

Beans: "Mom... when you had your hair cut, you cut it to help little girls that loose there hair."

me: "Yup."

Beans: "Why would a little girl loose all her hair?"

Me: "Well-- Its like Mommy friend that I told you was in the hospital. She may loose all her hair because of what they need to do to get the cancer out of her body."

There was a long pause at this point and I wondered what she was thinking, but I didn't ask.

Beans: "Mom?"

Me: "Yes?"

Beans: "If your friends little girl needs some hair because she looses all of hers I'd like to give her some of mine."

Well--- I cried. Never in my life have I been so grateful that my kids understood sacrifice. I told her that her hair may not be long enough, but that if our friend needed hair because she looses all of hers because of the cancer in her body that we would make sure she got hair. Beans said she still wanted to donate hers once it is long enough to donate. So I am happy to add Beans name to our list of people who have decided to donate.

If you would like your name added to our list please email me or leave me a comment that you would like to be added. Also let me know if you want me to link your name to your blog or web page. I don't want to link if you don't want me too.

Guess who had a birthday?

No guessing needed. Beans had a birthday last week.
So we were off making birthday magic happen.

And guess what else is happening? School- yup we start up next week.
So I am going to take this last week off just to chill with my wee ones.
I hope you all do the same.

In the mean time--- you can go join in any of my discussions over at BlogFrog I have a fun one about who's Hollywood hair you would like to have here. If you haven't heard about Blogfrog yet you will. They are rapidly growing and I am one of there community leaders. Its a great way of tracking your favorite blogs and being a part of live discussions that can be started by anyone and answered by anyone. You can add live feed to your blog and see where your viewers are coming from. Its a little treat to your readers in advertising for them when they send people your way from there blog. Its great if you haven't checked them out make sure you do. You can get to the discussion's as well by the blogfrog widget to the left. You can see who's commenting and who's visiting there as well. Check it out.

Jen at All Things Ribbon has a back to school special going on.
Just type in "Backtoschool" at checkout! How easy is that! 25% off your entire purchase! You can get bows to match uniforms over there as well.

I have two huge doctor appointments for my baby next week, so it may turn into two weeks before I get another actual hair do posted, but stick around I have some fun stuff coming soon. Have a great week--- and happy back to school!

Elegant Prom Hair Style

We would have had this up yesterday... but we had a very long shopping trip with lots of people stopping us to know how we did this neat hair do. Really it is just Got time in reverse (kind of.). I wonder how it would look if you did Got time and Did this kind of bun instead of the kind I originally did on this. Wow- that might be a little too much.

First thing you are going to want to start with is the pony tail. I've had a few people ask about making a smooth pony tail. Or at least how I make mine smooth. And it is really tricky. This is what I have found to work for me. So that is my pony tail. Thank you Big Bro for video taping it. Sorry about the finger that slipped in the way. He's only seven, so I say pretty dang good job!

So we have our starting pony tail--- oh side note--- I threw in some gel for this hair do at the very beginning to keep the fly ways to a minimum.
From your starting pony tail you are going to make five or six little pony tails. I used bright yellow rubber bands to help you see what I am doing here.
From there you are going to split them each in half and combine them together. Same as any weaving we do.
But I will slow it down and show you on our next level around the hair.This is a close up shot of what you are doing.
Take half from this pony tail and take half from the pony tail next to it.
Join them in the middle and secure. This will go all the way around until you have no more to divide or add.
Once you do this a few times it pretty much looks like a bun. Other then those ones we have secured with those mini clips. Which BTW you totally don't have to use those. Just if you would like to use them feel free. I used them just so you could see what was happening better.
Here's the REALLY fun part of this hair do- If at this point she has been a snot while doing here hair send her into the bathroom looking like this and she is not likely to ever give you problems again. Just Kidding, my son totally thought we should leave her hair like this though. I think he called it "amazing".
Tuck in those loose hairs using your mini clips or bobby pins. This really didn't take very long to do. And I see this on older girls for prom with the right rubber bands I think this could be very elegant.

Flower Update

Do you know why I ♥ the mom? Because she found the link for me!!! Thank you so much! Guys/Gals if you are wanting to make this pretty flower go to this link that The Mom- from Babes in Hairland found--- Thank you! I owe her a flower don't cha think?

Flower Power Winner

Time is up--- and so am I! So I figured we would draw us a winner. And you will never guess who it drew---- Honest-to-boot----#16
The Mom from Babes in Hairland

The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

Don't know if I can legally enter ... cuz, uh, yeah! :) Darling btw.
August 7, 2009 3:41 PM

And you are right I am totally not letting you win. Because I already taught you how to make these. And I will make you more if you want. If it was any other hair blogger I would give it to them, but I can't. I know you understand. LOL- Sorry I just can't do it. But I still love ya and you did technically win.... But we need to redo that random(dot)org thing and get us a winner---
Our real winner is...

Rochel said...

Super cute! This would be perfect for my niece :)
August 8, 2009 7:18 AM

What a good Auntie!!! Please email me at girlydos(at)hotmail(dot)com so I can get this in the mail to you.

Now I have bad news. I wanted to link the tutorial I originally learned this from yesterday when I originally posted this darling little flower, but I can't find it. I figured I could find it today, but I don't know where it is. I learned this a very long time ago and luckily remember how to do it. But I no longer have that page bookmarked because I lost it when my computer crashed a few months back. So I would HATE to take credit for someone elses work, but I am more then willing to shoot a tutorial on this flower if I don't find the link in the next week. But give me a week to try and find her again! I am sorry guys. I will do my best! Congratulations again to Rochel!

Girly Do Give Away-Time has EXPIRED

Finally... a giveaway at Girly Do's. So its not much, but I made this and I think it is pretty darling. This orange Flower clip is up for grabs. This is a one day giveaway--- so it will end tomorrow night at midnight. That's Saturday August 8th, 2009 at midnight Mountain time.

No requirements--- Just enter if you would like. Please only enter once.

Have a great weekend!

Scooter Do

Over at Facebook the idea was brought up, by Lori, about a good hair do that could be worn with your bike helmet. So this is my attempt for a Bike helmet hair do. My two thoughts on helmet hair...
1. Bangs and that top part always either sticks out and is in the way or it get static build-up and nearly drives you nuts when the helmet comes off. So for me I really want to do something to help with that. If nothing else at all.
2. Hair spray should never be worn when you plan on biking a lot. I used to bike a lot with my sister growing up. She was a tom boy and I wanted to be like her, but my girly roots always shined through and I would get all ready with hairspray and all to go biking. And when you sweat--- you wear it in your eyes. And sweat flavored with hair spray really burns. So if you are going to do a cute hair styles under that helmet make sure you so not use hair spray.
First thing you will do is braid a flat regular braid down the front. This is just to solve that bang problem. If you do a regular braid and not a Dutch braid (or backwards braid) it will sit more flat for under that helmet. I only added hair on the one side and that is what makes mine look like it still it a little poppy-- Its really not.
Next in the back you are going to make three pony tails of equal amounts--- and all your parts should be 100% perfect. Ha ha--- just kidding. This is Girly Do's and you know how much I care about perfection. Especially in parts. I think a little slant and imperfection sometimes is what makes the hair styles turn out just so perfect for me. So please note how imperfect mine are.

Also---- at this point you would probably catch me doing three messy buns and letting them pop out the bottom and I would love this little do. I would like having that hair showing out the bottom and being a little messy- so feel free to disregard the rest of these steps and do three messy buns right here. Because that would be so cute too!!
Moving on--- one braid on the outer two and two on that inner pony tail.
Take the outside pony's and add them to the middle one.
Now take the inside ones and tuck them through the rubber band holding the outer pony tail.
Then you are left with slop on the side. And no one ever asked for a side of slop with anything. So we aren't going to have it here either.
So a little stratigig tucking and two bobby pins on each side to secure and that slop is gone.
I should have mentioned it sooner.... but think this through and when you make your three pony tails make sure they sit very low in the back of the head. You might even want to keep the helmet in hand and check them to make sure they are low enough waaaaayyy back that that point in styling.
And there you go--- we are off to ride her scooter. And that of course is why she wanted this one to be called her scooter do. Thank you for the idea Lori.

Some more idea's that might work for Helmet hair are----->
Anchoring the hair to keep the bangs under control and leaving the rest down.
Side braids to messy pigs. Much like this hair do, but a braid on both sides.
Knot that leads to pig tails.
Linky Pigs- this one is a little loose, so it may not hold us as well under the helmet.
And of course the Low Cork Screw Braid-- check out the video for this one.

Also----> Make and Takes featured a great hair bow how to with some fun new idea's so go check out her stuff. and Little Treasures Bowtique has a great promotion going on anyone who makes a purchase between now and Monday the 15th will be entered into a drawing for a $25 GC. With School starting you might want to win that GC.



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