Happy Positive Day!!!

Little Miss Diva daughter over at Dust Bunny Hostage came up with the idea of having positive day. This was of course after a bad experience with a critic who was so negative about a movie. She decided (with the help of her mom) to rewrite the article more positive. And made the remark that when she runs for president in 2032 she will enforce a positive day. Well from this experience was born Positive Day in the Bloggosphere.

I know Girly Do's is about hair, but I hope you understand that it is about so much more then just hair. It is about building relationships with our daughters and using this time if it is the only time you have in a day to talk to your daughters and enjoy them. When I say this challenge from Diva Daughter I thought what better way to support our daughters then to support another mom that was supporting her daughter. So I hope you don't mind this break from our regular hair stuff to be extra positive for today.

One of the things that makes me happy is my three kids. I have two boys and Beans and every one of them is so special to me. D (my seven year old) is the kindest most thoughtful boy. He was born first because he is a true leader and a great friend to the younger two. He loves everyone with a love so pure. He is so forgiving and positive always. If I could be like anyone in this whole world I would be just like him. Beans (almost 5) is beautiful and smart. She's the funny one in our family. She says the most off the wall things that make you laugh so hard you almost pee your pants when she talks. She was supposed to be our surprise baby and we weren't going to find out her gender when we were pregnant, but I couldn't handle it. I was so sure she was a girl I had to find out because I thought I would be disappointed if I was wrong. I was right! And she's been 100% girl her whole life. She is amazing! She was born in Rhode Island so we call her little Miss Rhode Island all the time. Baby J (almost 2) is a lover. Almost two and he still cuddles. I may have died and gone to heaven. I am so lucky to have such a cuddly baby. Every morning he wakes up before everyone else and joins me in bed. Cuddles me tight and falls back to sleep. I lay there and say my prayers thanking God he gave him and the other two to me. Its my favorite time of the day.

My husband would be top shelf for me too. He is so supportive of my crazy idea's and hobbies. He even loves to know whats going on over here at Girly Do's and will bribe Beans for me when she doesn't want to have her hair done and I have a good idea to try. It doesn't happen often, but when it does he's there to support my hobbies. He and I have been married for almost nine years and they have been the best nine years of my life.

One of the greatest most positive influences in my life right now is my friend "The Mom" over at Babes in Hair Land. She and I met after this whole hair blogging thing took off and have been friends ever since. We have talked about joining blogs before but haven't done it. Maybe in the future we will come up with something to do together. But I just adore her and her family. Her husband has the best sense of humor and he makes me laugh. I am grateful for her and her friendship.

My sister and my mom! Two of the best women in my life and the best shoulder and ear combo! No one in the world could hold a light to these two and what they have done for me in my life. I learned how to be a loving mom from my mom and how to be a fun one from my sister. All thought there was that one time my mom got drunk with a root beer float and came into our room jumping on our beds--- maybe I got the fun from both of them.

I could go on and on, but I think that is pretty good. I hope that all of you reading this today will go write your own post being positive about everything in your life and go over to Dust Bunny Hostage and let Diva Daughter know you participated in her positive day.

Project One Done

I am excited to show these off. I am sure it is not news to you that Jen from All Things Ribbon and I have something going on. I have blogged about her stuff a lot and hosted several giveaways for her as well. I was fortunate enough to have an even bigger opportunity to shoot some pictures for her Website. I feel it is such a privilege and an honor to put such beautiful things on my Beans. I love the dresses from All Things Ribbon and I love the Bows. I have only ever had one bow break on me out of the dozens I have from her. And that was because my husband ran it over with the lawn mower. I will stand by her if she ever puts an Astrix by her bows that notes that they "Will not hold up against lawnmowers." Until then you will just have to trust me on it. Thank you for the opportunity Jen! That was a lot of fun.

Easy Up

I just got back from vacation to San Diego--- it was a quick weekend thing, but it was so fun. Eighty degrees was the high. Then we came back here and were in the hundreds--- blah! It was a quick reminder of how much I hate hot weather and what it does to your hair. Making it all sweaty and gross on your neck--- Up do's and summer go hand-in-hand when its that hot. So I needed a quick up do that could easily be done in about five minutes. This is what we came up with.

**HINT** I didn't ask "The Mom" at Babes in Hairland if I could do this, but she will totally forgive me because she loves me---- she asked the question on her blog to guess where she went on her trip and I am tipping you off that she and I were looking at the same ocean at the same time. Just a little hint. That narrows it down anyways right. And no we were not in the same place---- so that is two hints.Okay this is so simple.
Start with a pony tail with just the top section of hair about as wide as the forehead is and just to the back of the head where it starts to curve.
Secure with your rubber band.
Now take from the one side just at the front a section of hair that you will divide into three equal parts.
Twist those three parts the same direction.
And secure them on the opposite side of the starting middle pony tail.
Do the same on the other side but weave in and out with the hairs in the middle before securing with your pony tail on the other side. Now you have your three pony tails and you could easily leave it be and call this the do. But the idea for me was to get it off her neck.
So we pulled it into a pony tail. And flipped it then put in another rubber band too keep it up off her neck. And we are done. That is perfect for running around and not dealing with a soaked neck from the hot summer temperatures.

Happy Summer---- Stay cool!

Photo Free Friday

You guys ready for a challenge?
Me too.

Todays Challenge- should you choose to accept it is to follow a hair tutorial PHOTO FREE!!!
Are you up for the challenge?

One you have completed this challenge
two post it to your own blog and
three come add your link to my Mcklinky at the
bottom of this post so that everyone
else can see what everyone came up with.

Step 1. Start with clean strait hair use your normal off centered part. Do not exaggerate your part like we do for some of our hair do's.

Step 2. If your part is on the right side of the head you are going to do a side braid down the front part of her face end it at about the temple. Stop adding hair at this point. So you are not going all the way to her ear. This can be any kind of braid. French braid, Fish bone braid, Twist... They all work.

Step 3. Braid it down to the end of the hair and secure with a rubber band. You now should have one braid across the front part of the head where you would have bangs if you had bangs.

Step 4. Part down the back of the hair with a zig-zag part and divide the hair in half for pig tails.

Step 5. Pull the left side together into your first pig tail. This side will include your braid. Secure it with a rubber band.

Step 6. Pull your right side into a pig tail. This one will have no braid.

Step 7. Rat the hair from both pig tails and spray with hair spray.

Step 8. Round out the hair evenly over the entire pony tail on each side to make a messy bun. And secure with either bobby pins or another rubber band. This will make it a big poofy messy bun rather then just a regular messy bun.

That is it. I did a really easy one for this first time too see how everyone likes this idea. Thanks to those of you who follow Girly Do Hair Styles on Facebook for helping me to do this. If you haven't signed up as a follower you are missing some great thoughts and comments from those who are already over there.

Remember to add your link after you have posted what you come up with so everyone can come check out what you came up with.

You've Got TALENT!!!!

I know--- everyone is saying it----- THAT JENN AT GIRLY DO'S IS A PROCRASTINATOR. I know that Jen from All Things Ribbon thinks that more then anybody out there! I was so fortunate with my task Jen gave me to shoot some pictures for her website. I can't wait to show them to you all, but I am waiting to hear back from her. If she says she hates them we will pretend this experiance never happened. But if she loves them I will be showing off my stuff and her's too of course.

But for today I have something completely different to catch up on--- YOU GUYS!!!! And all your mad skill. I love getting emails and comments from your guys. It is nice to know that there are others out there that enjoy doing hair, building relationships with there daughters in the process and just plain nice people that say nice things. My comment button to leave comments here is at the top of each post. I tried to move it back down to the bottom, but blogger thinks it has moved it and say's its down there, but when I look at the page it is still up atthe top---- its like the twilight zone of hair blogging--- do do do do..... So please feel free to comment or email anytime! Make sure adn send your pictures you want to show off too! Check out these fun do's--->BreAnn sent us there sweet fast hair do of curls where they add a bow on top and calls it cute! I love simple things like this. And clearly she does too! What a great smile!
Amanda has a two year old that is an absolute doll! And she has hair---- beans was just sprouting hair at two! You are so lucky! She sent over a few hair do's to enjoy.
Cree from Bowsnstuff is an avid believer in missmatching bows too--- I think that is so darling!
Thank your model for me too!
Emily gives us these in structions for how she did this fancy do----> "I did a braid out of a small section in the front, then looped all the hair into a ponytail on the opposite side, down low. Braided and secured the ponytail and then wound it into a messy bun secured with bobby pins. Then I curled the ends with a flat iron."

I love that--- so pretty and delicate and yet so simple. Perfect for school which is right around the corner. Load up on these simple ones ladies---- You'll be glad you did.
Heather did my sweet little swimmer do and it turned out so beautiful---- This seriously makes me want to cut bangs into Beans hair. I am contimlating it---- should I make a poll on my side bar about bangs? By the way she didn't do twists like mine she just did a tuck through knot. I bet that saved some time and it just goes to show how eaily these idea's are changed for your needs.
I love her smile and pretty eyes--- Heather your girl is a doll!
Michelle sent over her recreation my updo with ribbon in her darling naturally curly hairs sweet girl for church. She asked the question we need to come up with an answer for and that is---->How do you get your daughter to hold still while doing her hair. My only answer is that I get really fast and when we are trying a new idea that may take longer we plop in front of the boob tube. But lately she is growing more fond of sitting in front of the mirror and talking to me about anything she has on her mind and I just listen. She loves that hair time means mommy's full attention time. But during these summer months she doesn't even want that--->She just want out to play!
Rachel did her version of the Perfect Updo on her 2 1/2 year old. Seriously guys how do your youngsters have hair that young? And this little gal has a whole head of hair. Beans didn't have hair like this. Well very beautiful hair do.
She did a different kind of knot that was a little more gentle on this little gals head.Very cute!

Thank you ladies for sharing of your talent. I love getting these emails and I hope like crazy to see more coming in. Please feel free to email me your pictures at girlydos(at)hotmail(dot)com.

And Happy Monday!!! If your hair do was featured today YOU GET BLOG CANDY!!!! You can take this Sweet Hare Award and show off that you were showing off your skills. Thank you for sharing.


Front Braid

I am in love with simple hair do's right now. So this one top shelf for me.
Start with an exaggerated side part. Square out a section in back and secure it out of the way.
On the front part you are going to braid it side ways.Just go across the top as long as the forehead is wide. and then continue all the way down and secure with a rubber band.
You know those fly aways you get when you don't braid with wet hair? Well spray the braid with hair spray. Then rub your hand down and around the braid and this will help it to lie flat.
Just like that. Now you are going to anchor that back and under the hair.
Divide out a section where you want to anchor this hair do.
Secure and take out the rubber band that was holding the braid.
Let the hair down and you have a simple cute hair do.
I love this girl!


Alright I finally jumped on board with the whole facebook thing. I honestly am clueless when it comes to this stuff, but I am told that I just "must have a facebook page" for Girly Do's. So I have a Twitter that I don't understand and now a facebook too. I know how to use facebook though because I have my personal page over there too. So facebook I think will be a little more useful. Especially for you guys. Correct me if I am wrong, but if you guys are fans (or whatever...) can't you upload pictures too? How cool is that!? Yeah show off time. Right under the follow tab on the left hand side is the link--- it will eventually move down and to the right by the Twitter stuff.

Okay- so I have got a few emails about Bumpits and I thought CrazyMamaof6 did a great review of them. I've thought about getting them and doing a review, but haven't. And I just love Crazymama's honest about them. So go check out her thoughts on them.

I also have a huge project that I have been working on and I will have a whole bunch of pictures to show off at the end of this week. I also have three new hair do's that I will hopefully be posting shortly. But just so you don't feel totally cheated I have this hair do for you to enjoy. I didn't shoot step by step on this one, but if you need me to I can come up with one.

Baby A and her Head Band

This is baby A. She's my seven month old niece. She came and hung out with me the other day while her mom and big sister went to the amusement park. Since I've been asked before about little baby hair idea's I took the long day we had together to also think of all of you reading Girly Do's and do a tutorial. So above is the before the make over picture. She totally doesn't need a thing to be any cuter. But we are going to add an accessory and try.

Long before Girly Do's and all of Beans hair I had a very bald baby beans. And she was almost one before she had any hair. And at eighteen months I was able to pull together my first two pig tails. So I know what it feels like to work with no hair. So what I did was made a ton of headbands. In all different varieties. So this is a tutorial on my very simple baby headband.
To make a ribbon head band you will need to find a fabric store that sells a stretchy lace. It is generally for intimates and I don't find mine at any big box store. The only place I have found mine is at the mom and pop type fabric stores. It comes in all widths and all colors. Its great! You can use it all as the head band or add ribbon like I will be doing for this head band.
Check this out.
It stretches and makes for a comfortable fit on babies head.
This is some of the ribbon I used to make Beans some of her first head bands. I am still toting it around and since I love it so much I am using it for a cute head band for baby A.
Using a piece of string measure babies head where you plan on the head band sitting.
Cut it where you pinched on top.
And you have your size for your head band without trying to fight with baby to hold still.
Using your string cut your ribbon to about 90% to 95% the length of the string.
The remaining amount you will cut your stretchy lace to make up for the difference. If it is a little longer that is okay.
You could sew this together or you can just use your hot glue. You are going to make a bunch of these and who cares if it wears out after 20 or 30 uses making these is cheep and easy. Make a ton. You can seal your ribbon edging with a lighter if you want.
Dab with your hot glue.
Attach the elastic lace and let it dry.
Making sure it ends up in a complete circle glue the other side.
And you have a head band.
And little blue eyes has a girly touch while she waits for her hair to get long enough to style. Which as you can tell she is getting close.
Thank you baby A.



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