Beyond Simple

I am still not here, but I have to dump my pictures on to disk so I can have more space on my hard drive. So I am going to give you the last few hair do's I already have shoot and then it is off to work for Jenn! BUT FIRST---- I don't know if you have been over to Girly Do's Gives yet, but I have been trying to get some fabulous ladies to give up some hair and donate it to a great cause. Well I am so excited to have got an email from Crissie that she donated hers. I went and checked out here pictures on her blog and loved what I saw! She is so cool. She also has something else cool going on over at her blog. You know I also have a special place in my heart for Photography. Well she is a member of a group that can help you with your photography and gives you tips and help and (I believe) is a photography chat group. I am joining it once I get paid this week. Here's the catch for your guys. If you go to her sight and click on the link and join she gets credit for it and can earn nsome pretty great stuff. Her husband is out of work right now and the family is relying on her mad photography skills to pay the bills---> so if we went and signed up I think this would help her get a better camera and not to mention all the other things she could earn along the way and maybe sell for money for her family. So if you are interested in becoming a better photographer go here to check out Crissie's Blog Post on Clicken Mom's.

Way to go Crissie--- You donating photography skilled girl!!! Now on to this tutorial.Pardon the simplicity here. This is a super (do-per) easy hair do.
Start with hair slightly damp and put in your usual part.
Next section out a front part and a back part. You don't need to put it in a pony tail. I think I did it just to get my meaty hand out of the picture.
Three pony t ails later and you are done with this simple do. Use a flattening iron to straiten it.
Bean's bangs stay back pretty well when I straiten them. So not anchoring them is okay for us. Plus--- its summer and we don't need to anchor every hair out of her way---- wooowho!
Plus---->Leaving it down like that is so cute.

Summer Vacation...

Okay---- I have SOOOOOOO many idea's in my head right now for new hair do's and new idea's and a total lack of time to do it all. I have shot three or four that are waiting on the computer to be posted and I can't seem to make time to get them posted. I am working on two HUGE hair related projects (That you won't want to miss that I will be announcing in a few months-- hopefully) that have been very time consuming. My son is in baseball right now, beans starts up soccer soon and we have all kinds of summer fun activities planned. The place that is going to take a trip to the butcher shop and be chopped for a while--- Girly Do's! Its super sad for me, but I PROMISE you that I will make it worth your while when I return after summer. And you can always click on my side links and use the old stuff. Its old, but its good. For now I am headed out to get some vitamin D with my two littlest while we wait for the big boys to get out of school and off work! I will see you when life slows down again. Happy Summer!

A Beans Do

EVERY little girl gets to that point of wanting to do her own hair. Beans has hit that point in life. She is VERY frustrated with it not turning out the way I do her hair. She is (beyond) very girly. She will still let me do her hair--- don't worry. She is a perfectionist and wants it perfect, so she will generally give in to me doing it. If I mess up on her hair and it is not bad I should just NOT SAY ANYTHING because if I do she will do anything to get me to fix the whole thing. She doesn't love mistakes like I do with hair.

But doing your own hair is fun and part of growing up. So we are starting a new thing here for all the other girls out there in that same dilemma of wanting to do there own hair, but not having the coordination to do it. This is a very simple and cute do that Beans has learned to do one her own. Well- with little help. I made the deal with my Beans that she could do her own hair as long as I could curl it under first or straiten it first. That was it doesn't annoy the stuffing out of me and she feels like the end results is a good thing (As Martha would say). Bows by Every Little Detail.


I joined Twitter--- Despite protesting it as being lame and pointless. I think I am starting to "get it". I think if I use it to post about updates and different things that find there way into my posts for all the hair bow people out there with different sales and stuff that are quick blurbs about Girly Do's. I think if you are wanting to know the different sales, giveaways or the occasional thought of, "Boy I sure wish I knew what Jenn from Girly Do's was eating right now..." Yeah it'll all be there. Just kidding about that last one. Although that was pretty much what I thought Twitter was all about when I first heard about it. So if you twitter and want the inside info on free-bees, giveaways and discounts that are hair related I will be updating that information over at Tweeter. Click on the bird and make me your twitter friend. There are some great deals I have already posted about over there.
Deals is giving you free shipping on all orders over $10
Wonder Woman Creations is making and selling the curlers that I make... and she is pumping them out and finishing them much faster then I am. And the material is to die for Oh yeah and she is giving a set away right now and you can go enter in her giveaway here.
Pigs and Ponies giveaway is on its last few days and you still can enter her giveaway.
I will be dropping deals like these and you can ask me questions a little easier over there without that annoying "No reply-commenter" issue popping up. So go over there now and be a Girly Do Follower. If you are having a deal you want me to link feel free to email me still at girlydos(at)hotmail(dot)com or you can tweet it to me.

And YES that means I will be linking that stuff over at Tweeter and not here on my own website.

Side Pony #3

This one is higher then the other two were. It had to be. And I think I am sold that for a high one FOR SURE you have to put it into a bun. And I wanted to try out the sock trick again. So many people commented that I could secure it with a rubber band and not have to use all the bobby pins. So I wanted to try it.And I am to the point that if you are going to be doing a side pony it is a must to have it in a head band too. It looks much better to me. So thank you Every Little Detail for giving me these head bands and bows. They made the side pony tail work for me.For this one start with your normal part.Divide out a rectangle and divide it in half to twist. Follow this tutorial. Do a few on the right side of the part and then move on to the left side of the part. As you are doing the left go back farther so you can have them closer to where you will be putting your pony tail in place.
When you are doing a lopsided pony tail the WHOLE hair style has to be lopsided.
So don't sweat the details here, just make sure and make 'em lopsided.See how the ones on the left go father back on the back of the head. Yup-- no accident. Now we are using that sock again.
Only thing is we are throwing in a rubber band around it instead of the bobby pins like the first time we did this. **For me** this left it not as tight as doing it with bobby pins and it fell out a lot faster and loosened up quicker. You could see the sock more and it wasn't as well covered, but if I had a sock that would have blended more with her hair I think it would have been fine.
I like the loose hairs so I curled them the same way as I did last time. I like that look- what can I say!
Hair bows can be placed low when you do a high bun. And I like that about this hair do. Again this feathery bow--- which gets compliments every time she wears it was from Every Little Detail.
And this is a front view. Hope you have enjoyed the side pony tail--- don't be expecting more anytime soon. Three days worth is all I can handle! Just kidding!

Side Pony Tail #2

Today I went with giving some extra kick up front to distract from the "BLAH" of a side pony in back. And I am finding I like a side pony tail (a little more) when a head band is in place.
Start with sectioning out three sections. One above each ear and one right on top. the rest will be pulled back into the pony tail. I clipped mine off to try and show you what was what.
Pull it all into a pony tail except for the ones above the ear and the one on top we had sectioned off in the prior step.
Put in your head band with those sectioned hairs in front.
With the sections on the side we are going to pull them back OVER the head band and combine in the pony tail.
Either use bobby pins or just secure with the rubber band.
Now for the top section...
Rat it up a little.
Ratting it gives it a little lift. Once you get it ratted pull it off to the side and smooth the top out.
Give it a little twist and anchor it to the side with a bobby pin. Then pull the rest back into the pony tail.
If you want to throw it in a messy bun or any kind of bun now is the time to do that.
Throw in your flower. This one and the head band are from Every Little Detail. One that is in place it is done and beautiful.
See--- not bad.

See with the front boofage it takes away a little of all the focus being on that side pony tail in back right? And the head band--- nice and subtle because of the hair being pulled over top of it.

Side Pony #1

I had to approach this whole hair do with a different view then I usually do. I had to use my photographer POV (Point of View) and perspective to try and make the side pony tail work for me. There is a term called leading lines that is supposed to help draw attention to a certain point in a picture. So I was trying to use leading lines to draw the attention to the side pony tail and to not make me focus on how off balanced the side pony tail looks. So I used fish bone braids turned side ways to give some leading lines. Why fish bone braids? I thought that a loose braid would be more subtle then a regular braid. So I kept it simple so as to not be over baring.
You will first need to divide the hair in half. Top half and bottom half. Secure the top half out of your way.
Starting your braid over the side of the ear will make it run side ways rather than tall. Use this tutorial on Fish Bone braids.
Once you are done secure it and work on your top braid following the same tutorial.
Combine the two and add in your accessories. These are from Every Little Detail. I like using these because I think the head band makes this a hair style I can handle and the bow is just darling. Although--- I did find that the head band wasn't staying in Beans hair super well. I eventually figured it out though and was able to keep it in her hair. I had to throw in the bow to the front to anchor it down and it was so cute, but I didn't snap a picture of it. Still darling though.
See how cute that head band made this look. And the shorts she is wearing (Patting myself on the back) I made those out of an old pair of jeans that were covered in holes in her knees. It has a very cute belt that matched the cuff. So fun to be a girl! Notice how the side pony tail brings out the crazies in her! She's nuts!
And adorable all in one!

Does this make the side pony better for you? It did for me. I like it. Also giveaway at Pigs and Ponies if you want in on the action head over there now.

The Side Pony Tail

I have to say right up front that I haven't been a fan of the side pony tail. I don't like it. I don't do it. Quite frankly it drives me a little nuts! There is no balance to a side pony tail. It is off centered and it looks like her head is going to tip over because it is so one sided! That is the photographer side of me looking at everything as if it was a picture needed balance. BEANS-- however--- loves a good side pony tail. She is far more free spirited then I am because she loves how it makes her feel and how it makes her want to shake her head side to side and be a little more silly when she has an off centered off balanced pony tail with no counter tail on the other side making it into a pig tail. She loves that freedom. ((AGAIN)) I don't like the side pony tail. I DO--- however--- Love my beans and want her to grow up with her own opinions and thoughts and not try to make her into me. She is perfect and maybe what makes me so imperfect is the fact that I don't like side pony tails. So as a way of compromising I have come up with more than just a side pony tail. As a matter of fact I came up with three ways of making more than just a side pony. To try and give her the freedom of hair choice and give me the control and balance I long for as well.

So with the help of accessories by

Welcome to my ode to the side pony tail. Over the next three days you will see my three ways of doing a side pony tail. Hopefully we all endure and enjoy this time of experimenting. What are your thoughts of the side pony tail?

All Things Ribbon

Do you want to win something?
Haha--- who says no to winning?! Okay well All Things Ribbon just launched a new site that is for her bow business, but also has tutorials on making bows and hair do's... its pretty cool. That alone is pretty sweet! But she is generously giving away a dress and matching bow. This isn't the first time she's given away a dress either... so you may want to add her as someone you are following in case I miss telling you about her giveaway one of these times. I ALMOST missed this one! So go say hello and get into the giveaway... WIN A DRESS.

Tell her Girly Do's sent you--- unless you want to say Babes in Hair Land sent you and we could make Babes in Hair Lands upcoming blogoversary a happy one with winning as most referrals. Oooo I like that idea. Tell her Babes sent you.

The Perfect Updo

Summer is here!!! And that means it is time for sticky, stinky wet hair. And I am talking from sweat not form the pool. I don't know about you, but I like to have Beans hair up and off her neck. Same goes for me, up and off my neck. This up do is not only simple, but because of how I do this bun we don't get mid day drooping like you can get with so many other buns. And for summer weather avoiding the midday droop is pretty essential! So to get started you want the hair slightly damp. Because we end with curls don't get it to wet. Just enough for your knots and avoid getting the ends wet that way they will be dry when you are ready to curl.
Part out a square section on top for your first knot. Divide that in half.
And tie a basic knot. One hair over the other and pull it through the middle.
Tighten 'er down.
And secure it with a clip that we will remove later after we get finished with all of the knots upfront.
I ended up with five single knots upfront.
We are going to pull all of this into a pony tail. DO NOT remove the clips yet. I know it needs to be smoothed, but wait for it...
Pull it all into a pony tail and hold it with your hand.
While holding with one hand remove the clips with the other.
Now smooth it with your comb very gently and secure it with a rubber band.
Now you need a sock for this hair do--- I am using a Tink sock we picked up at the dollar store. Clip off the toe f the sock and roll it up.
It should look like this now.
You are going to put it right up at the base of the pony tail.
And you will take little pieces of the hair and sure the sock into place.
Secure by using the crisscross method with your bobby pins. This one I did high to show you how it should look. When I actually secure these I hid them and push them back below the sock. Out of sight- out of mind.
Once your bun is done you have a perfect bun, all except for those wild loose hairs. You can finish those however you want. We chose to curl ours and leave em flyin'.
This gave us the intentional mess we like with our hair do's around here.
This is the finished look. Throw some flowers in that do and she's look like she was headed to Hawaii-- Hope she takes me!

From the front you can see that it is secured, but not super tight to the head pulling her eyes out of wack! Nope those knots gave it just the look of lift it needed. Very subtle.

PS-- Giveaway at Oh So Girly tell her "yada yada yada Girly Do's sent ya!"



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