A Well Done Tight Simple Pull Back

I think the name is long enough to land a plane on, but this is just a simple hair do done better. How I do it makes it look tighter and hold up to wind and child play a lot better. This bow was provided by Flowers and Bows. A personal friend of mine. She is new in bow making world and has a great talent to share. So go check out her stock and say hello. I heard a rumor there may be a giveaway coming up very soon. So watch for that.
Lets get started.
Part out the same way you did yesterdays do.
Here's where the tight trick comes in. You are going to part the hair starting at the top about an inch to the left of your starting part and at a sharp angle part to the back of the head and secure it with a rubber band. The tick is it is now held tight and we are going to hide that rubber band as if it was never there.
Pick up that hair that was left after you did your angle.
You have some on both sides.
Twist (and shout!).
And secure the two together. Now of course this will never fly. You know those will twist right back out if you don't do one more thing.
Move that hair out of your way so you can make a new bundle of hair and smooth it out. Or rat it up--- its your call!
And secure the two together.
Put the flower you picked up from Flowers and Bows in and you are done.
Good work!

Single Knot and Pigs

Have you found life to be busy lately?
The closer summer gets the more activities we find ourselves doing. So what better then a few quick and out the door do's to store in your memory for those rushing occasions. This one is simple---- cute and not just pig tails.

Also-- I know its not cool to have music on your hair blog, but every once in a while I have to break this rule and just play some "fitting" music. Turn it off on the side bar if it bugs you too much. It is like the third option over here on the right------->

But before I forget... You need to make sure and go over to Every Little Detail on Thursday. It is Jessica's Birthday and to celebrate on Thursday she is giving 28% off to celebrate turning 28 years old. Use the code BirthdayGirl at check out.It also looks really cute with a head band, but we used ribbon today. It matched her outfit better.

Part the front and then separate the front from the back and secure the back to keep it out of your way.
Before I forget we do some anchoring, so make sure you divide the hair far enough back that it is well behind the ear. That way your anchoring isn't so obvious.
From your part divide out a section of hair. About an inch and a half to the right in our case. We part on the right and we want the knot off centered enough to look cute and not be so centered that it looks odd and out of place.
Divide that into two strands of hair.
Cross one over the other and start your knot.
Knot it up.
Pull it tight.
From there just pull each side together to hold that knot tight and anchor it down behind the ear.Anchor with rubber band.
Do the same on the other side.
Zig-zag part if you want and put your pig tails in nice and low. And you are done!
And here is how it looks with a smile that is clearly not forced at all. Totally natural! Don't you just want to pull her in and hug her! She is so cute!

Still Working...

I still plan on doing tutorials on each of these, but I wanted to throw these out there to tell ya I am still working on new do's. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth just yet. I just need to water mark these and then you will have the step by step, but if you don't need through you can just look and copy from here. I am working on more simple styles because I like simple and with how busy summer gets I am just thinking how great loading up on simple will be for y'all.This one is a single knot up top pulled into two low pigs in the back.
This is so much more than just twisted back into a pony tail. I think I have come up with a cure all way of anchoring this one so you don't get so many fly aways when it loosens up. This is nice and tight. Like that bow? It is from Flowers and Bows. More to come about that later.
And I looked around at some of the other sites and didn't see a tutorial of the French Twist. And this is one of my favorite hair do's. I love it on me. I love it on Beans--- I LOVE IT!!! And since Flowers and Bows sent me this big beautiful puffy bow it needed a bold hair do to do it justice. And this French Twist was perfect.

All three simple and beautiful! Tutorials are coming up as soon as I water mark the pictures. Happy Tuesday!

Girly Do's--- Girly Doodles

Have you notices some of my drawings surfacing? Yeah I have been in a doodling mood lately so I started drawing up some silly stuff and brain storming a cute doodle for my header on my new blog. I don't know if any of you have clicked the "Project Gives" button under my header, if you have up until now it has been a work in progress. But I am now ready to roll it out and show you what I have been working on.

Project Give or Girly Do's gives has come from the idea of selling my curlers to make money for my families end of the year service project. The curler set a few weeks back was just a dry run on this idea. Now bare with me on making these sets. I may be a little slow and I would rather have it done before I try selling them. So they will show up when I can get them done. But that is not the only service I want to do. This opened up a whole new world to me.

For anyone that knows me you know where my heart is. I am the kind of person that loves service and loves being able to give. I will never be rich because if I get a little extra cash I think of using it to better someone elses life. So this is just a chance to do that.

So here are the doodles that got me to my header over at my new blog.
Crazy sign lady that needs comment love!
Mother daughter special moment. This one is a flashy button.
Angel/ferry cute girl.
Butterfly outline. I originally drew this when I was like 16 and planned on getting it as a tattoo. Never happened thank goodness. My princess. This one I drew, but I drew it a lot like the one on the computer that I was using for an idea. I generally try to change my drawings, but she was perfect.

And last but not least we have what became my new header. Click on it to go there now.


Using Random.org our winner is number 77. And that is...
Ahhh- See I am typing this as I counted and my friend Cristeen won.
I've known her since elementary school. And this is a good win for her.
Congratulations Cristeen!
I know where you live so I will call ya!

Thanks for supporting Heather in her new business. You guys are awesome!

Can You French Braid?

No? I hear about it all the time from readers that French braiding is hard. Or that your fingers don't allow it. So I am hoping this gives you some ease in making a cascading look that is similar to a french braid but about 70% easier.You are going to love the simplicity here.
Because this is a loose hair do I add jell first to keep fly aways under control. Not much. Just enough to keep it in control.Next you need to equal sizes of hair starting at the temples of the head.
Smooth the rest back and then tie a knot. If you can tie your shoes you can do this do.
Part out and combine hair to both sides of the hair here.

Spray down the hair with hair spray to control fry aways at this point as well.
Tie it in a knot and then do it again over and over again down to the bottom of the hair.

See all the hair that is still down. Yup- there is a lot, but that is okay.
You just pull it all into a pony tail.
I wasn't feeling using a bow today, so we took out a piece of hair and wrapped it around the rubber band to hide it and give it a different look. Use a bobby pin to secure it under the hair.
Like so...
And there you have it. And easy knot braid that doesn't require twisting or manipulating your hands to do things they won't do.

Head Band Hold Down

This one is a follow up of my last post. This is a fun variation to it. My kids were under the weather that day so this was how we spent out time.
Start the same way. By parting out same of the front part of the hair and securing it out of your way.
Put your head band in place.
Now take some from the front and combine it with some in the back. I plan on parting the hair in front into three sections for three pony tails that will go over the head band.
And repeat.
Side shot. You could leave it down at this point... we didn't.
We did three pony tails. What do you think of three pony tails? I like it. It is unusual, but I like it. You could do it into one pony tail or leave it down or piggy tails. Messy buns. The possibilities are endless.



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