A Little Help Needed

Okay before I vent.... Let me just say that I have no problem with people that are this way. It is just not for me. A long time ago in a land a few miles away from where I reside now. There lived a princess named Jenn (me). And I used to love doing photography. I shot engagements, weddings, new babies, pregnancies and family's in abundance. I loved it. It was only when I decided to start making money doing it that it became a vile enemy for me. And I had to quit. It was no longer my passion. It made me sick to think I was making money using my talent. Something I love to make money... blah! That didn't work for me. Well I look around at the other hair bloggers who have ad's on the side of there blog and I hear about the money they are making. It can be very impressive to say the least. I, however, fear that if I start allowing ad's on my page that it will turn my hobby into a money maker rather then a hobby. And I know that is how a lot of them get the traffic they have as well. And you know what--- that doesn't sell me either. I think traffic is cool. I love when my counter used to be over 1000 every day. It hasn't hit that in a while. Its still high and that is flattering in itself. But I would hate to think I was doing any part of this for the spot light. You know what I mean? So I find myself conflicted and I would like your advise. As readers of Girly Do's--- I would like to sell my curlers and start making money for my families end of the year Christmas time service project. If I started making extra money now we could stretch it a lot further then just the blankets we did last year for the foster kids. I (personally) would like to do a meal at the Holmes Family Shelter. And I would also like to do the snacks for kids charity that sends kids that rely on school for there meals a snack pack for over the holiday vacation so that they don't go hungry during that time. So..."IF" I decide to sell my curlers (and that is a big IF) would that turn you away from the ad free zone that Girly Do's is? AND.. how do you feel about the advertisements on blog pages?

In with the old...

Last summer when my computer crashed I lost a lot of hair do's that I had not posted yet. A lot of starter do's that I was working on perfecting and a lot of family memories. Yesterday my husband found a guy that was able to rescue all those old pictures. I have been spending my morning looking through all the goodies and memories and I have to tell you that there is some good ones I want to re shoot to share. This is one of MANY that were lost in the crash! I am very excited to have more time to do more hair do's.

"X" Marks the Spot...

Okay--- lame name. Beautiful hair do! Are you seriously ready for this?
It has been far to long since I posted or even had time to do a new hair do. So I had to give you something special. One more view before we jump into this one...

Have you said "wow" out loud yet. I hope so. Because this is a very long hair do to do. So get a good movie going and have a girl that has been desperate for a good hair do after weeks of daddy pony tails. Beans was ripe for the pickin'. So we attempted this one today. First thing you are going to do is make your braids. There is no reason to go all the way back. Stop in the back, but don't bother going to the very bottom of her hair. And to keep the other hair out of the way while you are working just use rubber bands or clips to hold it back.I ended up with seven. It will be different if you are working on a bigger head, or a smaller head. So don't focus on the numbers to much.Next you will add the ribbon by following this link. And on a side note I know some of my links from when I switched over don't work. I will be trying to fix those over the next few weeks. Very sorry about that. Anyways.
Pull it all into a pony tail. And for me that extra ribbon needed to be shortened and evened out a little.So I snipped it up and sealed it with a lighter. Be careful if you use a lighter at this point when sealing your ribbon!
And I made me a messy bun. Any bun will do, but it was all about taking this delicate thing and bringing it back down a level to being able to be played in and not drive me nuts if it gets messy. And why did I use black ribbon? Mostly because I didn't want this to be a eye catching out there hair do. I wanted the ribbon to be subtle and not too flashy. However when you do it you can do it in whatever ribbon you would like. Remember you are going to need about six yards. So have your ribbon on hand first.There you have it.
Pretty Beans and her pretty do.
A little closer look while Beans goofs off for the camera!
Pretty girl.

Heads Up Do

This one might be top shelf for me. I know it is for the hubby. He commented all day when Beans sported this do about how "Beautiful" she looked. And Beautiful it is.
Welcome to number three and the last of my Three for Thursday hair do's.
I feel good about showing off three very cute do's and I feel super about showing off this fabulous dress that Beans won't be wearing again until Easter. The Dress and the bows that you have enjoyed today are from All Things Ribbon. There are so many new dresses that you have to check out. And bows of all kinds to match them. If you don't see the kind you want for the dress you want drop Jen a line and she can make magic happen. She is mad talented and great to work with. And generous.... check out the deal she is offering right now on everything. This won't last forever so go look at the side bar of her blog now. If that special code is gone all I can say is that you missed out on great savings. Not really though because you can always save by using the code "girlydos" at check out. So here she is in all her charm and beauty.
To anchor the head band I am using my new favorite "stabilizing" technique. I found it here at Babes in Hair Land. And I modified it here for what I am trying to do. So you start with a low loose pony tail that is extremely exaggerated in both how far down it starts and the angle that goes to the opposite side where it started.Knot that pony tail up and cinch it down tight.Do the same on the other side. Note how little this one is. This is because of how we exaggerate the first pony tail.Do a second pony tail at a sharp angle. Keep it loose for the knot.Knot it up--- cinch it down.Repeat on the other side.
Next step is making three high pony tails on top. The side ones add the left over hair from those knot rows.This is your three pony tails. Take note to the sharp zig zag part that was made up front. I think it makes this hair style flow better to be so extreme.Now you will make curls and anchor them with an "X" from your bobby pins. Leave it very flowy and loose.and once you are done you have this. Which is perfect once you add....
This beautiful head band. Beyond beautiful!
Hope you had a lot of fun with my three for Thursday. I hope you got some good idea's flowing for Easter. Happy Thursday!!!

Nice Buns

As opposed to naughty buns... Just kidding. Here is number two of the three for Thursday special. Don't forget to go check out All Things Ribbon to get your Easter Dress and get your code for extra savings from here or use "girlydos" at the time of check out for 10% off. The best savings codes are on her blog right now. As you know I want you to get the most for your buck, so go get your code from here for all your dresses and Easter bows.

This one is simple----- cute----- SIMPLE------- and did I mention adorable?

Its this easy. Start with three low pony tails. Make those pony tails into messy buns. For help go here. But that doesn't finish the look....You need to off set that style with a big puffy bow. Like this one. Perfect for this row of nice buns.((insert SQUEAL here)) Isn't that so easy and so pretty. Maybe it is just the dress that makes that simple do look so fancy, but either way I am sold!Its a clean tidy look don't ya think?

THREE for Thursday

That is right!!! Today you are getting THREE new hair do's.
What are we celebrating? Ohhhh- Lets just say I got Bean's Easter Dress and I feel the need to show this puppy off. So welcome to three for Thursday.
Throughout today I have it set up to publish three new hair do's. All at different times. So you have something to look forward too. But let me start off by telling you about this new Beautiful Dress. This is from All Things Ribbon.
The first time I let the cat out of the bag about this fabulous bow site I gushed over her dresses and wanted one forever. Well I have one. It is the PERFECT Easter Dress. So I am telling you guys again about her stuff. Beautiful---- and all American Made. Not only that but it is an opportunity for Mom's to help out other Mom's which I am all for.
I am also using matching bows from All Things Ribbon as well.
She has all kind of codes to get them even cheaper. You can use "girlydos" for 10% but over at her blog she is posting an even better deal that if I was you I would NOT pass up. So go here and look on the side bar.
So first up we have an All The Way Roll. That's one side to the other all the way roll. Pretty simple, but can be made very pretty with the right accessories. Isn't that dress to die for?
Start by parting out the front and securing the back with a clip or elastic to get it out of the way.

Starting over one ear start rolling your hair.Get it tight.Once it is tight grab out a chunk of the hair on top to add too the roll. Roll it into the twist and make it tight. Once you have it tight you are going to add in the next section of the hair. Grab it and start rolling it in. Once it is tight anchor it with a rubber band.Combine in the back with a rubber band.Once you have done that throw in the right bow and it is really dressed up for this Easter look.One more view.The look with the perfected smirk!

Get your Easter Dress and Easter bows from here.
and watch for number two of the hair do's on Three for Thursday.

Anything Hair...

If you have anything hair related--- be it a hair blog, a fun hair do on your site or a site where you sell hair accessories this is your chance to give yourself a shout out. Leave you mark here.

Get Twisted

You know how you can make small pony tails and add the little clips to make a very cute hair do. Well this is similar, but made to have a little twist to the look. The idea was to make it look like knots on top of the head. I know there are a lot of people that don't braid, so I am trying to think of a few unigue cute do's that don't require braiding. Who needs braiding anyways--- right? Here is a close up--->

Simple to do. Start by parting out the front of the hair and clipping it our of the way.Right behind that hair you divided out and make three loop holes with your hair. Yes they make twist a little. No big deal that just helps out with the finishing look.You are going to section out the front hair that you had parted out to start with. You will pull the hair through the loop holes. The one in the middle will divide and be combined between the outside two. You will secure these with rubber bands.This is how it looks before the clips are added. Add the little clips to doll it up.
Doesn't that look like knots. Nice little twist don't you think?



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