For Kimberly

A few posts back I got an assignment. (tee-he) And I put a lot of thought into this for you Ms. Kimberly and this is what I came up with. Use it if you want. Just know I had you in mind here. Scroll to the bottom of this post for the back do. I did this one backwards a little. Sorry 'bout that.

Start with three pony tails one high (this one has the least amount of hair. And the two low that are just your regular piggy tails. No crazy parts or anything just good old fashioned parting. And the best part is that if you can't part straight you'll never know.

Also---- the reason I did this in three was to make it BIG. Spiral up the hair.And pin them loosely into place with bobby pins. If you use the "X" technique you will find that it holds very well.
Once you've done both piggy tails work that last pony tail into the bundle of curls.
Then we move on to what makes this hair style what it is. Take a very loooonnnnnng piece of ribbon. I say long because you want to make sure you get enough. Divide it in half and place it in the middle of a bobby pin so you can weave this ribbon into the hair.Start wherever.And start looping it in the hair. Use more bobby pins to hold the hair in place. Loop and loop over and over all over the place.And THIS is what you get.Pretty.
If you like this hair do make sure and tell Kimberly thanks.

((IF)) Two's Company... Three's a

Cute hair do. Right? Well this is simple. A quick hair do that is cute no matter what, but even better if you are working with growing out layers. We aren't, but I know when we were a very long time ago we did things like this to keep those hairs out of her eyes between long and short.
You will also notice that I now have an ugly water mark on all my pictures. I hope it doesn't distract too much. I didn't want to do it, but now that I am finding my pictures all over the place and in places I don't want to see them... I figured it was time. So I hope it doesn't distract too much. Pretty sweet look. Very simple and very fast.
Start with your regular side part. And then exaggerate it.when I say to exaggerate it I just mean take it to that side another inch or so.So we start with our "exaggerated" part to the right. Divide out the front part. If you are dealing with bands you may have to hold lower then I did for this one, but you get the idea. And give it a twist. Start your twist high and let it fold. Twist...And twist...And it starts to fold.And gets closer to the head.Twist it until it gets close to the scalp.Once it is tight.
Secure it with a rubber band.Repeat three times.Then bind all three together with one rubber band.And your pretty bow and smile.
That was so easy! Right? And that ends on the side. I don't have to may side pony styles. But I like this one. It's very fun and still not to over done.

I'm Okay with Rude People

You know what DOESN'T bother me. That does bother most people? RUDE PEOPLE!!! Yup-- apparently I am being told my header was stolen. I had someone email me that picture back when my old Girly Do's was being deleted. I used it to start up this new site. My understanding what that it was drawn by that person. As you guys know I am one who is pretty decent to give credit where credit is due. So for the blast from some very rude people I just would like to remind you a few things...
1. Generally when you point your finger at someone and say YOU DID THIS--- or SHAME ON YOU!!!! you should often note that there are four fingers that point right back at you. So before you are quick to judge someone maybe you had better think---- long and hard about things before you say mean things to someone.
2. You don't know the situation so jumping on board of a bashing generally makes you an accomplish in a crime. And when you don't know the situation you should really have no voice. Educate yourself first and then and only then after you have the facts can you really judge a person. You know--- if you are somehow exalted to the position of God.
3. Its safe to say when you bring my daughter into your mean comments you are bloody likely to piss me off!!!! And I am not likely to be kind back. I think that is a general rule for all mom's. So keep your mean comments above the belt please. Picking on a little girl is very tacky!!!
4. And we all know the good old saying about assuming--- right? When you assume you only make an ASS of U and ME hence assume. So chill out and before you jump on the rude boat next time--- relax---- take a big long breath and slow down a bit. Alright.

As for me. I am learning real quick that a lot of people really can't be trusted. And that in the future if I am going to use something even something some one sends to me to use I will ask for a copyright. I am sorry to the artist first and for most. I've had soooooooo many of my hair designs show up on different sights people calling them there own. When all the other bloggers started popping up there were a lot that stayed very low key and just took and took and took--- and it bugged me, but I look at things differently. I let it flatter me that someone appreciated my work like that. There was an occasion that I would call a person out on it, but generally I didn't. ART work--- like was part of my header is a wee bit different. I don't know if the artist was using it for monetary gain--- i have no idea what she used it for or where it was found. Like I said I got it in the form of an email. But its not cool or flattering to steal art work. In any way!!! And I am sorry that it found its way to Girly Do's without recognising you as the artist! Never my intentions.

As for all the rude commenter's out there that love to jump on a band wagon of rudeness--- the REASON this is titled as being okay with rude people--- your rude comments don't hurt. They don't really do anything to or for me. But I hope you will take what I said in my four points to heart and not make rude comments on a page of a person who does care and will be hurt. Please just be careful with what you say. Be kind. Recycle---haha!

Have a nice day!

High Messy Pigs for Short Hair

Life is still busy, but I had to take a work break and relax and have a little fun today.
Hope you enjoy.
This is one we have done from the time we worked with long hair. I don't know why it has taken me so long to post this one. Its pretty darn cute. And it works super well for short hair.I bet you get the idea right away after you see this picture.
But I'll explain anyways. Start by separating the hair.Now you are going to make the four twists in the hair. divide out your first section of will divide that in half.You are going to twist each half into each other. so the one on the right you will twist counter clockwise and the one on the left will be twisted clockwise. And what you are going to do is start twisting with you hand aimed low and once your twist gets tight fold your hand up.
And the hair will follow. You will have a pretty twist.Now hold that tight while you twist the other one. Remember to twist it clockwise so they combine well. Just like that!Secure with a rubber band.
Now repeat this for all four sections.
Part the top in half either with a strait part or get Fancy and go at a huge angle. I did the huge angle. And make that into piggy tails.
At this point you will make your messy pigs any way you like. If you like how I do mine just see this post for my step by step.


So yesterday I went into work at 3:30 in the afternoon. I worked until 11 that night got home about 11:20 and went to bed. I woke up and was back at work by 7:00 in the morning and I worked until 3:30 that day. So all-in-all I was away from home about 17 hours in a 24 hour period. Leaving the hubs in charge of EVERYTHING. Well I must say... My Hubs---DOESN'T DO HAIR!!! Ha ha--- This was the hair style she sports when Dad's in charge. Anyone else ever feel like Dad just doesn't try? I love my Rag-a muffin!
P.S. Yes she is wearing an over sized jersey from her uncles collection.

A little time off

Sorry I am hoping to have something new before too long. I have oodles and oodles of ideas to experiment with, but a lack of time. Last Saturday a very dear girlfriend of mine took me out for the last break I am going to get in a while! She took me out to dinner for my birthday and we hung out and even stayed up gabbing until 2:30 in the morning. Sadly--- that is the last of the fun I will be having for a while. My dear husband lost his job. He's an electrician and work is slow right now. Jobs are being canceled and stopped because of the economy. So they have been forced to lay off a number of people. So my fun job... and my hobbies... are either being put on the back burner or turned into serious work. So--- that means more time on the clock and less time on the Internet. There is an end in sight though. Because he is an electrician for the union he is already on the books waiting for work to pick up. Then they will pull him off the books and he'll be working again. And I can go back to hobbies like this. I may pop in with a new hair do if I get a chance here and there, but for the most part I'll just have to take a little time off. Check out the other hair bloggers out there and I'll see ya when I can.

From Yesterday's Do

This is how it would look if you did it strait back and not to the sides in a head band.

Crazy or Cute?

That is my question?
I personally am in love with doing all kinds of hair styles with this technique. And I get stopped a lot and explaining this one is a beast-- it is very complex. But I am going to do my best.
Here it is--- a double woven WIDE head band, from hair.Crazy or cute? Your call.
Start with three pony tails. I do mine off centered you can do yours right in the middle if you'd like.You will add another row to the left... and then to the right.Now divide your middle one in half. This will make it one continuous band rather than having a part.The middle one will divide again and combine with the other two.
Now you are going to make a diamond around those second rows of pony tails. So just secure them out of the way. I part out my middle hair from the hair that is down to add the pony tails too.
Then divide them in half and add to the pony tail securing with a rubber band. You will do the outer two next.Secure with each with a rubber band.Let down the pony tails from your second row of original pony tails. You will now be working on this row.Divide and secure with a rubber band. Now hold the back row or the first row out of the way with a clip to make it easier to work on the second row.Repeat the first step dividing and combining.Let down the hair that you had held back.And combine together with the outer sides splitting the inner pony tail.
Work it this way over and over with the pony tails.
When you get to the pony that you have no more room to make new pony tails you just divide and keep wrapping around the other set of pony tails. (Here's hoping that makes sense.)
You will always have one set of three and the other set will be two when you get to the end.
Once you get to behind the ear you are ready to anchor the hair down for the head band look.
Just combine and secure low with the hair behind the ear.
Repeat on the other side and this is what you will have.
so.... crazy or cute?



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