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Mandy's Daughter Donated a few weeks back. This was her daughters plan since she felt it was very near and dear to her heart. There is a girl at her school who suffers from Alopecia and her cousin's best friend died of cancer last year. This was important for her to accomplish.Laura and her cute girls (7 yrs. and 5 yrs.) donated back on November 10th! ((see how far behind I am.) She had a problem when they cut the hair of her five year old finding some natural curl. I hope she is getting used to that. Sorry I didn't have more advice.

But check out all that hair that was donated! That is so exciting. Thank you all so much for making this important.
Locks of Love and all those girls you are helping I am sure thank you as well!!! You are good people.


  1. Jenn!! Thanks so much for posting this!! Olivia will be so excited to see her picture on your blog!! Can't wait to show her! :o)

  2. how do you donate hair? It's a really good i´dea i think... :)

  3. If they ever donate hair again in the future, they should do it through a different group. Locks of Love isn't the charity it claims to be, and makes money of the vast majority of hair donated to them. Very little of it is made into wigs, and few of those wigs are given away free. Even fewer are given to cancer patients. Pantene has a hair donation program that is more reliable as a charity.


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