That surprise hair do I was telling you about... BANGS!! And I'm not talking pots and pans. Beans wanted to chop her hair or do something different with her hair. Since she wants to cut it, but also wants to wait to donate it she was torn. I told her we could do whatever she wanted... She chose to stay on board donating her hair and just cut out some hip bangs.

My (ever so fabulous) sister and I came up with a way we like to cut our bangs when we were in high school. My sister actually was the brains behind this one. I just fell in line and used the technique too. So this is how WE do it-- its probably wrong, but it works for us. Before the cut we lightly dampen the hair. Just lightly.
Smooth it back very loosely.
Part the bangs out. Growing up my mom used to go half way back on the top of my head and I had a lot of bangs! A LOT! So we make sure and just keep it simple and just a small amount of hair.
And I take the time to make sure the part is crisp and just how I like it before I cut. This is one of the few times I do are about a part. If you've been following Girly Do's for a while you know I don't worry about things like that when I am doing a hair style.
Now you will gather the hair together- NOT CLUMPED, but just together by the nose. doing this does a few things. One it makes the bangs curve and not be a strait line across the forehead. It will have longer hair on the sides and transition into the back part better. (Or so we found) It tapers nicely. And you know how mom's have a tendency to cut the hair to short and not take into account the spring back effect hair has when it is dry. Well if you clip the hair pulled tight just above the tip of the nose you will find it is the right length when it springs back. In my opinion when the bands are above the eye brows it looks a little goofy. Maybe slightly above them, but in a lot of cases its too high above them.
Cut the hair in a strait line where you have it pulled together just above the tip of the nose.
Its not 100% strait, but close enough. Its THIS moment where people screw up and keep trying to get it perfect and end up with dork bangs that are to high up. LOL- just be careful if you try this one to not clip to much.
We let them dry and wanted to show where they lye before we style them. FOR ME--- they sit right at the perfect spot. Your opinion may be different, but this works for me.
Beans first reaction to bangs was a big thumbs up--- we like this new look.
We discovered we had company and had to shoot a picture of this intruder--
Because he is so darn cute.
We used the flat iron to give it a slight curl under and ta-duh there you have it. Beans new look.


  1. Adorable! I think I may actually have the courage to try that, should one of my girls suddenly desire bangs... that's awesome! Thank you :D

  2. Love it! She is ADORABLE! And so is that little intruder. =)

  3. So cute! I had no idea it was so easy. I have had the really, really short bangs, so this makes me happy. :) And, I think J is a cutie. I wouldn't mind that kind of intruder.

  4. She looks adorable with bangs! Well, she was cute without bangs too!!!

  5. soooo cute!! And that intruder is handsome!!

  6. Can't wait to see her tonight in all her cute bang glory! She's such a cutie-patoo-tie!

  7. Totally adorable. Thanks for the great tips! I have a daughter that wants bangs but I have been too chicken to do it. I might be able to conquer this now. :

  8. I love them! And what an easy way to cut them too! Good Job Jenn!

  9. ♥ Cute! My girls have been trying to grow theirs out... I have to say it's been so nice not to have to curl them all the time.. but I'm still a huge fan of bangs... Can't tell I grew up in the 80's! :)

  10. Oh my gosh! She can totally do bangs. Adorable!!

  11. That's funny cause that is exactly how I do it too! Beans looks very cute with her new do!

  12. I have check your blog several times when looking for new hair ideas. I hope that everything will work out with your family. I did post a link to a few a my favorite hair blogs. Thanks for all of your great ideas!!

  13. What a great technique, if I ever get brave enough to do bangs on my girls I will definitely use this method. Your kids are adorable.

    Best of luck to you in your trials. Remember the Lord gives us trials to make us stronger, its hard to remember that when we are in the midst of them. Turn to Him and you will pull through. Hugs and prayers sent your way!

  14. Wow - you make that look SO easy! BTW I absolutely LOVE your blog. My absolute favorite hairstyle I've used on my oldest DD came from YOUR site. You Rock!

  15. Bangs are easy--until they try to cut their own!! ;) We are still waiting for B's to grow back out to normal length. They are close now.

    She sure looks more grown up with bangs now!

  16. Thankyou for this post. I am terrified of putting bangs on my girls because I see so many moms botch the job (Bangs do not start 4 inches into the middle of your head people!) So if I ever get up the guts to do it I am coming to you.


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