What are you doin'?

Hey all--- I have a few hair do's to show off that were submitted from you guys! This is good stuff. I love seeing what you are doing so if you would like to send me your picture and possibly have it featured here on Girly Do's please send them to me by email at girlydos(at)hotmail(dot)com. I look forward to seeing what you have done.
Erin showed me her spider do she did on her daughter for Halloween. This inspiration started with my Lady Gaga hair do. I love seeing how you can take one of my idea's and tweak it into something this cool. This one should have won an award for being so rad! I love it!
Melissa be-jeweled this beautiful princess hair do with my Got Time hair style. The pictures have gone missing on that tutorial, but I am aware and I will get that fixed as soon as I get enough time to look into what happened. Sorry guys! But she did the climbers all the way around and then added scrapbook jewels to give it even more flair. I can just imagine how much she felt like a princess all dressed up and looking sparkly like a true princess. So beautiful.
Kelly sent over her star hair do. She reports that this one lasts through swimming, sleeping and the rough play that only kids can pull off. This one is a long lasting one and beautiful. I love this one because you can make it work even for little ones with shorter hair. Taryn has tried almost every girly do hair style. She is an original follower I think. She's been around for a long time and she is very talented. I love getting emails and comments from Taryn because just knowing she is still hanging around and has been for such a long time makes me know I am doing okay still. :) Thanks Taryn. She submitted two a while back. One of the star and the one of the ribbon weave. Both look great.
Thanks you for sharing these fun hair styles.

On another note--- Have you ever clicked on my Juice Box Jungle widget on my side bar? They often talk about different topics that are of great interest to mom's. Right now the are featuring an article from The New York Times about how first born children have a higher I.Q. they had one about disciplining your children and how yelling at them only teaches them to yell at people in turn. Since this is a site also dedicated to building a relationship of trust with your kids I thought pointing that would be beneficial to those who would like to participate in fun what kind of mom are you quizzes and great articles to help you parent in a more effective style. There are poles that you can take and all kinds of fun video's. So check it out if you are in need of a mommy boost!


  1. Those are fun do's. I especially love the spider!

  2. Wow - those are amazing ... especially that spider. Very smart! Love them all.

  3. Shout out to the Mom who thought of that spider! It rocks:)

  4. Those are so awesome! I'm kinda just saying ditto to what everyone else has said. :) That spider do is fantastic! What a great idea! SO cute!

  5. Oh Jenn thanks! Seeing my name totally made me smile.

  6. I love them. That spider is fab! and both styles of stars, Great! Now to get some hair growing on my girls head!

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  8. hey!! i was wondering if you could make up a cute hair do that i can wear to school i m in 7th grade! here is my email......lynzhighjump@gmail.com if you have any sugestions please tell me. oh and my hair is down to my bell button! alot of hair haha any ways i will be waiting for a response!!! :) oh and i LOVE the first hair do!!!!!


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