Two Do's--- One Start

It was brought to my attention a while ago that some of my old hair do's pictures have up and disappeared. I swear once this school semester is done I will fix those pictures. I can not tell you how busy life is. Mostly because I am sure everyone can relate. But this time of year is when a lot of people want cute hair do's for parties and pictures. So I will do my best to stay on top of posting new hair do's. I've been given a few suggestions of what people want and need. I will do my best to get what you ordered on the table... but any suggestions you have feel free to drop a line and I will do my best.

I was in the mood for a pretty up do. So I started playing with an idea I had-- it turned into two hair do's. So you get a treat with today's hair do. I will show you the one I stumbled upon first and then the one I had in mind as my second hair do.First you are going to want to have individual pony tails all the way across the top of the head. Their really is no set number, just what ever amount you are able to fit on the head you are working on.
Next you need to part off the top and take a section from the bottom to do the same thing with. Secure the hair you are not using in a pony tail holder out of your way.
Next section out the hair to secure with rubber bands.
Secure along the bottom how ever many you would like.
Now take the hair not used in the single pony tails and secure it into a pony tail of its own.
Now you are going to take each individual pony tail to combine together. Take half the hair from each pony tail and combine it with the half from a pony tail next to one another.
Have your helper hold the pony tail out of your way when you are working on the bottom pony tails.
Keep going until you have gone as far as you want. This is totally up to you.
Now for your first option---- OPTION #1

Take each individual hair and turn them under the woven area.
Turn it under and tuck the left over hair underneath. You may need some bobby pins to secure this out of sight.
Or use small clips like I did and just use the hair to hide these.
Do that with every one until they are out of sight. You will need to tuck and weave the last two pony tails.
Then mess up the pony into your favorite bun. Its like a halo around the bun. So pretty and elegant.
Now for option number two--- OPTION #2
Back to before you twisting them under.
Now take each pony tail and twist it into a loop. You are going to tuck this into the bun and make it a part of the bun.
Tuck it inside the bun and use bobby pins to anchor it into place.
Do this with every pony tail until you have a beehive type bun. Isn't that just about the prettiest bun ever? I love it-- it turned out just like I saw it in my mind.
Its a beehive that doesn't sit too high on top of her head--- it is practically perfect in every way. Have fun with it and remember to send me the pictures of your version. I love seeing what you come up with.


  1. So very pretty. I love the 2nd one especially too. Love all the different ways you could end this after doing all the pretty lattice work up front.

  2. The second version is my favorite as well! Although the first one is cute too. :) I haven't seen her blanket for awhile, lol. Good to see she still has it!

  3. LOL- The Blanket--- haha--- One of these days it will go MIA!!!

  4. So cute! The second is my favorite. I'm wishing my girls had long enough hair to try it out on. Maybe one day (although my youngest -5- doesn't have enough hair and my oldest may feel too old for mom to do her hair). Gotta love the blanket. I finally told the youngest about a year ago that if it leaves her room it is going to disappear. Now she just has it for bedtime!

  5. I also love the second one!!
    So beautiful!!
    This would be great for thanksgiving!

  6. I love the second one...I think I will try it on myself :)

  7. ♥ Man!!! It's awesome!!! I really like the 2nd one also!

  8. Wow, I can't believe you created that on your own. It's amazing. I'm not sure I understand how you tucked each little pony into the bun, but I'll give it a try and see if I can figure it out. I'm just not sure where you placed the bobby pin to secure it!

  9. We tried this today for school. It really only took about 15 minutes! DD wanted a bow so we finished it off with a Cinderella bun instead. I sent you a photo!

    Thanks again for a beautiful style!
    shop.pixiedust@gmail dot com

  10. Oh my word. This hair is GORGEOUS. I did it for my prek girl today and she looked amazing. Her hair is shorter than your daughters so I was worried it wouldnt' work out as well, and I didn't quite figure out how you made it fit into the bun, so i just did a bun that included the ends of the ponies and it still looked awesome. I think I'll let her sleep on it and I will practice doing it your way tomorrow. Thanks so much for posting and for all your great ideas!! WOW!

  11. That boggles my mind! Awesome!

  12. WOW!! Someday, I will be able to practice all the amazing things you do. I remember when we worked at Seagull and you mentioned youliked doing others hair, who would have known it would turn into something so amazing!! Way to go JEN!!

  13. love love love this bun! We did it last week and got so many complements

  14. I'm new to your blog & it is quickly becoming one of my favorites (and I spend a LOT of time following hair blogs since I have 3 girls). I really love this, and would love to try it on my girls, but I was wondering how you did the original bun? Is it just pieces bobby pinned? I have major issues with bobby pins, I can't ever get them to stay! Especially in my own hair! Thanks for all the beautiful hairstyles, and your daughter is beautiful!

  15. Love this hair duo!! I don't understand the tuck and weave though. Would you be able to do a insert on that part again? Also the messy bun it looks like a star how did you do that? Or is that just a messy bun? and I didn't understand how you incorporated the extra hair into the bun. ahhh..I'm lost! lol.

  16. i didn't understand how did u tuck the sections into the bun. could u do a video for this?

  17. In the second hairstyle, how did u tuck the ends into the bun? Could u do a video on this please?

  18. amei a secunda opção........vou fazer na minha princesa!!


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