One, to Two Do and Answers

Thanks for all the comment love on my last post. I had a lot of fun working on those costumes. So just to answer some of your questions about those costumes I thought I would take another non related to hair minute, but this will be followed by quick new tutorial. (LOL)

Q. It was asked several times about Lou's horns. How did I make those horns?

A. What I wouldn't give to go back to the end of September and to have taken pictures of the whole process. It was actually fun to see it come together. My best explanation is a link to this site I stumbled upon. Clearly I did mine different, but that is basically where I got the idea from. I formed mine out of cardboard. I should say well thought out strategically formed cardboard. I had to do each step of the curving one triangle type shape at a time. Because I needed them to be mirrored for the curving I had to do each step on one and copy it doing the opposite on the other horn. I know very confusing! That was the hardest part.

Once that was done I wrapped it with tape to be nice and solid. Because I didn't want it to have sharp angles I then covered it with gauze. Then I mod podged the heck out of it. I think I did two coats of the mod podge. Then I took string and wrapped it all the way around the horns to give them there grove. Again check out that first link to see that step from where I got the idea. After that I Mod Podges again about five layers thick to get it transitioning very smooth.

I painted them last with a glossy white acrylic paint. I know the tutorial I followed gave a better suggestion that I wanted to try, but I didn't do my homework on finding that stuff. I just kind of did whatever to make them look good. Last step was attaching them to his head. I got a red baseball cap and attached them to that with my trusty hot glue gun. It held up great.

Everyone loved Lou! I had so many people ask if I had entered it into a contest. I almost wish I had. But I never had competition in mind. I just couldn't talk the boy into being something different and I wanted to make Lou happen for him. I was just so happy with how it turned out.

Q. What was used for the Aurora crown?

A. I followed the pattern for everything on her costume. It is an out of print pattern, so if you need it you are going to have to hunt it down on Ebay. It wasn't the easiest to find, but we started out hunt early enough. The crown calls for a type of material called tissue lame. You cut out two crown pieces and iron it to some heavy weight fusible interfacing. Glue it to the back and then use a glitter glue to go around all the edges to finish the edges. It was supposed to be all one piece, but on the back I threw in some stretchy elastic so I could use it more like a head band rather than just a crown on top. It worked out nicely.

Hopefully that helped and wasn't to painful to read. Without my pictures I don't know if I explain things very well. I may throw something together as far as the crown goes eventually. It was so easy and turned out great for a dress up accessory for Bean's collection.

On to today's hair do. I have to say how behind I am on hair do's being posted. I was doing good getting caught up the last two weeks. I was able to get a lot posted. Those are all ones that have been sitting in my files just waiting to be posted. I haven't actually shot a new tutorial for about two week. Yes I am behind a bit. But that is okay! Life does that every once in a while right?
Start this one with just a half way down french braid.
Flip it out of your way and gather hair from underneath. NOT ALL of the underneath hair. Just a little bit. When I did the braid part I actually didn't go clear to her ears like I normally would with a half braid. I actually finished the first braid about an inch-and-a-half above her ear. Then I took that inch and a half down to her ear for this part gathered underneath.
Split it in half and drop that first braid right in the middle.
Secure with a rubber band.
Knot that little pony tail by slipping it back through that separation where the braid is.
You have a knot with the pony tail hanging down and he braid behind it. But it kind of looks like you pulled a Houdini on this hair do. Kind of tricky.
Braid that second little pony tail. Now you have the two headed snake thing going on.
Flip them so you can work from the underneath part.
And connect them with a bobby pin.
Now they are stuck together.
Rubber band that bottom part together.
Throw in a hair pretty and you are done!

Easy, but with a little trick in the middle.


  1. Oooh, cute 'do! So glad you made it past hump day! ;) I'm still in my jammies!

  2. What a cute idea. And that flower looks very familiar ...except mine is still in many pieces! :)

  3. I love that hairdo. So unique and cute! Where do you come up with this stuff?

  4. my daughter fell in love with the spider that you posted from one of your followers, can you tell me how she did the legs? it appears that she used pipe cleaner, but was wondering if you can show how she did it,with your easy to follow instructions.

    I just love your hairstyles, my daughter always wants to try them.

    my email is

    thanks again


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