Princess or Prom- This one will work for both...

This is in my top ten! I love this one and I can see it working for my wee one or any one going to prom. Its fantastic! And surprisingly very simple. I got an email for a beautiful princess hair do. This is what I came up with--->Start with a pony tail. Leave a large chunck down in the front slightly off centered.
Next divide the pony tail in half and roll the top part into a big fat curl.
Bobby pin that big fat curl into place.
Do the same with the bottom half. It kind of look slike big fat puckered up lips.
Now you will take that froint section and smooth it towards the puckered up lips bun in the back.
Bobby pin that off to the side of the top of the puckered up lip bun.
Now roll the hair over the bobby pins to hide them and roll the hair to the side of the puckered up lip bun. Its almost more of a fold than a roll. You don't want this to look rolled. It should be a smooth transition.
Bobby pin it to the side of that puckered up lip bun.
Now give the hair that is still down one fat curl.
And fold it over the bobby pin again to hide it. Go right over the hair and through the two lips or big fat curls from the start.
Secure that last bart with bobby pin to the opposite side. Just let that curl do what ever it needs to do. If you are working with longer hair just anchor it a few times until it looks right.
There you have it. Top view.
Back view.

I love this one--- it is so elegant.


  1. Ooh, how simple and cute. Those are the best kind.

  2. Love this I will have to try it on to cool for hair!

  3. Oh, WOW! That sure is pretty!
    I'll be on the look our for hair up do's.. my daughter will have her first communion in the spring. This one will be at the top of my list!


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