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This is my quick tutorial from the Glowby hair do I showed last week with my giveaway. I started with the top being finished off with my hair net hair do (CLICK HERE FOR THAT TUTORIAL). That was just how I wanted the top to be. The rest went like this--->I started by dividing the hair into three sections. Two pig tails that were equal and had the most amount of hair. The part left down was what I needed to use for the clip- you will understand after you scroll down to the next step. I didn't worry about parts on the pig tails that was just to separate the hair.
Next you will clip the Glowby into the hair that was left down. Clip in on top and not underneath.
Next have wee one hold the Glowby out of your way so you can pull it all together into a pony tail.
Take out the pig tails and pull it all into one pony tail. That hides the clip part of the Glowby. I think at this point you could weave that around the hair and that would be pretty cool, but we just did a few loops with both the Glowby and with the hair.
Use bobby pins to secure into place. This is a lot like THIS HAIR DO.
Once you have a few with the Glowby and a few with the hair you have a nice funky hair do. Just in case you need the link you can get to Glowby by CLICKING HERE.


  1. I would never have guessed that's how you laced that all through there. Very smart. Cuteness of course!

  2. Cute!!! I can copy that :)

    How did you ever figure out how to use that in hair!?!



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