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The quickly growing Blog Frog Community is growing again and you can grow with them. They are now making it easier for you to advertise and really make your blog grow. So for those of you looking to expand your blog look into upgrading your account. This is a great deal and these cats know what they are doing over there. This really is a great value.

Blog Frog has absolutely every intention of helping you to promote your blog and get the word out about what you are blogging about. Connecting you with people who share your interests. I use it and I am one of the first to be on board. I've already seen what a great company they are and I just want you to have a chance and check them out too. Pop- on by and upgrade today.


  1. I'd love to expand -- except they still haven't e-mailed me back about my problem! What should I do?! :)

  2. Hi GirlyDos - thanks so much for sharing the news about BlogFrog - we LOVE having you as Community Leader!

    Babes in Hairland - I am so sorry you are having problems. I just saw your email to customer service and replied. Please try my suggestion and see if that helps. If not, email me back and we'll try Plan B :)

    Thanks again GirlyDo's - we are lucky to have you on our team!



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