Who Inspires You?

Have you ever been in a doctors office and had the thought about your doctor that went like this; "I wonder what Doctor HE uses when he is sick or broken?" That is totally me. My son is in and out of the doctors offices having this and that tested. He has a very unusual milk allergy that does not show up on the skin, but affects his large intestine. It makes it so he doesn't absorb his water and liquids back in when he is exposed to milk. Making it so he doesn't gain weight well. About a week ago I was in getting his check up and checking on his weight and I was sitting in the office thinking about who all these different doctors I visit ALL THE TIME and who they go to when they need medical help. Well that of course got me thinking about Girly Do's and who I turn to when I need help.

So this hair do--- which I don't have a tutorial on--- was one of my inspired hair do's. I came up with it after having seen something similar from Babes in Hair Land. And I get idea's and starts from her blog all the time. She is one of my greatest inspirations. I have no problem telling you this because as your hair adviser I would like to send you to my very best specialist and get you the hair help you are in need of. That was my attempt to twist back in the whole medical mumbo-jumbo from before.

Anyways--- I just wanted to say thank you to Babes in Hairland for giving me so many wonderful idea's. I use more hair do's from her blog then any other hair blog. If you haven't been there make sure and go check her out and follow her for updates and great idea's. Some of my favorites are: The Wrap Around w/ Little Braids, Hawser Braids and a Bun, Cinna-Buns, and Five Ponytails & a Snake Updo.

So now I want to know from you--- The girly Do reader---->

Who is your specialist?
(and I am not talking hair here unless that is what you are in to.)
Who inspires you in what you love to do?
(feel free to link them.)


  1. The story of a princess and her hair inspires me! I love all her styles

  2. I like Kori a lot too. She is a wonderful person and has a lot of great idea's too.

  3. I agree, I love BIHL. So many great ideas over there! My favorite of hers is the headband with the holders (can't remember the exact name but we use it all the time.) You inspire me a lot too, Jenn. The style of yours we use the most at our house is the two braids headband style with the ribbon inbetween. (Geesh, I'm not doing well with the names.) Know the one I'm talking about??

  4. Hi! I became involved in the hair blogging about 1 1/2 years ago. I would say the top 3 that inspire me with hair is you, Babes in Hairland, and Story of a Princess and Her Hair, for me the inspiration is beyond hair because it has become special for my dd and me. It allows us to have some time everyday that is just for her and me. It has made me realize how fast it all goes and has made me treasure our time together. Thank You for always sharing!

  5. What a great question. Of course, hair dos - it's you, hands down.

    Photography - too many to list. People like Maggie Holmes, Kate Benson, and Anna Jones.

    Scrapbooking - I love Becky Higgins, Talia Audenart, and Stacy Julian.

    Life in general - Heather D. White.

  6. Thanks for your sweet words. You know that you & Kori are awesome! My brother @ www.PSHero.com inspires me! :) Thanks for the shout out & links to my blog! You 'da best!

  7. You always insipre me as well as adopt a do and several of the others already entioned here. Jenn you helped me tons with my dd's makeover party and you also taught me how to do french braids. I still need more practice.

  8. I'm sorry about your little boy. Hopefully he'll outgrow it.

    As far as hair blogs, I think yours has got to me my favorite! We seem to have a lot of the same style. BTW that hair bow, I've been meaning to post that exact same thing for a while! :-)

  9. Yep. She is one of my daily stops :) I love all the ones that you described too, some of them I would like to see your take on them. She uses Bug alot for the hair dos and her hair is longer than my girls'. Beans' hair is more the length of my DD. SO, I'd like to see your interpretation of the 5 ponytails and snake updo, also the CinnaBuns.
    thanks :)

  10. Oh- I love a challenge- I may just have to take that one on. Thanks guys.

    I love Heather {Unwrapped} too. Lots of fun blogs to admire out there. You know another good one is Skip to my Lou.

  11. I love your hairstyles, me and my girls have tried out a lot of them. So much fun!

    My little boy had a milk allergy when he was a baby - doesn't sound like it was as bad as yours. We took him to a chiropractor who gave him an allergy treatment and it worked! I call him my voodoo doctor. Not neccessarily something I would have believed in, but I was desperate and it worked. The treatment is called NAET. There is a website. If you haven't already tried it you should, it might work and it definately wouldn't hurt.

  12. I am all over looking into that NAET treatment. Thank you. I would give anything that looked safe a try for him.

  13. My 2nd grade teacher inspired me to be creative and have fun learning... so now I teach and have fun doing it. I love doing hair and every single one of the blogs I've seen has inspired me to create something new on my girls. When I'm stuck I'm glad I can email you girls and you put your ideas together for me. Then I'm inspired to create beautiful hair. Thanks to all the moms out there that love doing hair and sharing it with us other moms.

  14. I am having the same problem with my son. I would love to talk with you more to find out how they diagnosed your son.


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